Flying Saucers

The incredible aliens and their fantastic and spectacular flying machines, the unidentified flying objects, have invaded our world for decades now. The sightings by people from all over the world are on record and deliberated by authorities within NASA and various government projects. The fact that our planet is just a speck in the universe, surrounded by numerous other planets and objects flying in space and that our galaxy is one among millions, has left us with much to speculate on and imagine. With the sightings on record, this possibility moves on to the next level. 

Most sightings of the incredible aliens and their fantastic and spectacular flying machines, the unidentified flying objects, have a lot of similarity in description. Most descriptions include the saucer like shape, spectacular lighting, erratic movements and incredible speed , either too slow or too fast. There is photographic evidence too of these incredible alien vehicles. Though most of the photographic evidence is hazy and seems superimposed, it does leave one fascinated with the possibility. The sightings have added to the dedicated of the already avid night sky watchers. The flying saucers of unidentified flying objects in the sky are most visible in the night sky that illuminates any kind of movement, amidst the stars and other planets that twinkle, but are static to our sphere of vision. Then, the only other challenges these sightings face come from the aircrafts that we are so used to seeing in the sky. However, the lights and movement of our aircrafts are predictable. 

NASA and government authorities, at various points in time, have denied the sightings and declared them to be military projects and innovations. Ask them to prove the same, and they declare the projects: Highly Confidential! This only adds to the speculation and doubt of those who would prefer to back the alien sightings. However, it is interesting to note that we have, in time, developed our own understanding of the alien world and choose between , calm and turmoil. This is evident through our attempts to capitalize on the sightings within the entertainment industry. While the lovable ET in the Spielberg extravaganza ET , Extra Terrestrial was so human like complete with emotions, the war of the worlds and the attempt by aliens to take over the planet was very scary in Independence Day. 

The toy industry all over the world has a dedicated segment that caters to the imagination of people of all ages. While toddlers make the space men in elaborate space suits a part of their growing up years, the teenagers indulge in exercises that gear them up to be warriors equipped to save planet earth. Our world of fictitious books has also catered to avid readers. 

Flying saucers and humanoids are part of science projects and government operations via the military. Even as the NASA authorities deny the evidence provided by witnesses to alien sightings, they cannot deny their attempts to look for life sustaining environments on other planets. What we can access in space is still within the science we have harnessed and laws we have been able to apply, but is it not possible that in other galaxies, far away, there are life forms exploring space just as we are?