Fourth Kind Encounter in Lacey, Washington

A family in Lacey Washington may have been visited by extraterrestrial beings according to a report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) website.  The close encounter of the 4th kind happened near Highway 5 earlier this week and was reported by the witness who says he wants answers.  And we can only hope those answers are less disturbing than the events that inspired the question.

The witness was awakened when he felt hands on him shaking him violently.  Immediately he sprung up in bed and noted that bright lights were beaming from all the windows independently as though the light source was stationed all around the house.  As the witness got up he thought he saw one of his children running out of the room, but as he followed the sprinting short figure noted his children asleep in bed.  The mystery only deepened as he noticed the sprinting beings were still in the house even while he was observing his children indicating that whatever it was that had entered his home was not one of his family members.  He made his way back to the bedroom and saw his wife standing in the middle of the room.  As he approached her, suddenly he found himself once again laying in bed with the lights still streaming into the room.

His wife would later recount that she too had observed the mysterious event, and even suggest there was something incredibly strange about the way they would both remember only bits and pieces of the events that transpired that night.  Even so, she did not remember standing in the middle of the room.  As the lights receded into the darkness she would be unable to recall being in the room standing amidst the whole encounter, only laying in bed as the lights were leaving.  Summoning as much strength as he could, the husband resisted whatever force was keeping them in bed and ran outside to see a saucer object leaving the area and shooting off into the sky.

The witness’ children would not recall anything of the event.  Though it may have been nothing more than a nightmare, the fact that both witnesses have a clear recollection of certain events that seme to line up that night seems to suggest something unusual went on.  Could it have been an alien abduction?  Despite the fact that the witness clearly remembers a mysterious incredibly bright light filling the house, no one else in the neighborhood noted anything unusual around the house as far as bright lights go.  How could the entire house have been filled with a bright light if no one else in the area was able to see it?  Perhaps there was some unusual technology involved in the witness’ apprehension that filtered light so that only those inside the house could see it.

The area around where this close encounter took place is also home to other sightings – several in the past month in fact along the stretch of highway known as interstate five.