Fourth Video of UFO Over Jerusalem Released

After only a few days, a video reporting to be the fourth related to the UFO over Egypt has been released and will be scrutinized quite a bit in the coming days even as rumors of a cover up are starting to trickle in.  The third video, which is now being viewed with a degree of incredulity by some believers after it turned out the background for the image was a picture from Wikimedia Commons, but the first and second videos are still being seen as possibly genuine.  But what about this latest footage?

The first two videos, which were released to Youtube and thought to be some of the most compelling new evidence of extraterrestrial visitation for some time, showed two men videotaping the craft from different angles as it drops down and then shoots up into the sky and possibly into another much larger craft with red lights surrounding it that then drifts away.

But the new video claims to be coming from a different angle and pointing up at the craft as it slowly glides across the city tops.  It looks disc shaped, but there’s no way of telling what’s going on in the skies above Jerusalem.  As the video unfolds, the object then just rockets up into the sky after flashing twice into the streets below.  And speaking of the streets below, this video has something else in common with the first two.  Rather than simply focusing on a static image, you can see cars moving around on the streets below.

The light, when it flashes on the temple, appears to contour the buildings below almost perfectly rather than simply light up a general area of the picture.  The light actually behaves on the surface of the buildings like each individual one is its own object.  And that is another point that seems worth mentioning.  The light as it passes over the dome changes, even though the dome itself is only taking up a very small portion of the screen.  Additionally, the light above other key buildings is reacting likewise.  And as it flies away this light reacts accordingly.

While an attention to detail is not proof of a genuine object, and it doesn’t likewise rule out the possibility of computer animation.  Javier Ortega from Ghost Theory said in a blog post about the event, if it’s a viral video we will likely hear about it in the next few weeks and that seems a reasonable assessment.  It’s happened before.  Some of the most interesting UFO footage of the past, including the now infamous World Trade Center UFO has turned out to be faked.  But viral marketing in this regard might have actually outstripped whatever it was advertising.  It’s impossible to chart how many views the various copies of the original two videos has received, but it is well into the hundreds of thousands in only a few days.  And with more videos coming out every few days, the astonishing trend is only likely to continue.