Frank Scully’s Contact Speaks On UFO Stories

Hi, my name is Shawna and I just happened to run across your page. I thought you may be of interest to my story. I don’t know if you have read Frank Scully’s “Behind the Flying Saucers”, written in 1950, but my grandfather, Clayton J. Boddy is mentioned in it. I live in a small town called Farmington in New Mexico. My grandfather used to tell em stories about when he lived here. He worked for The Daily Times, our local newspaper. He was a very well respected businessman and people thought of him with great fondness. He was out one morning walking on Main St. with a friend and looked up to see thousands of “UFO’s”. This was to become known as the “UFO Armada.” I never doubted my grandfather one bit, but he quit talking about it soon after because he didn’t want people to think him crazy. But before he decided to stop talking, he was going to be on a radio show speaking of his sighting. He receieved a telephone call from the Pentagon before he had the chance to go on the air. He was told that “it would be wise to keep his mouth shut about what he saw”. I alwasy find this a very interesting thing. Just wanted to share it with you. Thanks
Shawna (LadyZircon81)

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