FULL Alien Disclosure “Before Christmas” 2009?

In recent days a number of forums around the internet have been flooded with threads from unknown users declaring 2009 the year of UFO disclosure.  This sort of prophetic rumor is not uncommon, and in fact has been consistently circulating annually for the past decade.  Every year as aliens fail to land on the White House lawn advocates of disclosure are disappointed.  Why is it different now?  The answer may shock you.

With the paranormal seeping into the airwaves more and more, popular culture is now more accepting of it than ever before.  A recent CNN study found that 80% of viewers believe the government is hiding something about the existence of aliens.  And that number shows no sign of diminishing.  Unfortunately, despite the massive number of believers there is still a social stigma associated with the possibility of alien life that has followed the subject since its origin.  In the past, UFOs were the subject of late night supernatural suspense shows, or tongue-in-cheek interviews.  Four or so years ago, however, the subject began to see the serious treatment by the mainstream media that it deserved starting with the Chicago O’Hare airport sighting in 2006.

One has only to look at the MUFON UFO database to witness “the quickening” of UFO sightings all across the face of the earth.  And amidst it all, a series of synchronized disclosures are springing up that are raising quite a few eyebrows.  World governments have one by one acknowledged the phenomena of craft beyond human ability to fly with the likely explanation of extraterrestrial control.  Just last month Brazil released yet another book filled with UFO sightings and encounters with extraterrestrials.  And after hundreds of years of denial, even The Vatican acknowledged the UFO phenomenon and the existence of extraterrestrials on international television.  It appears disclosure is already happening this year.  There are very few people, particularly in the field of government, left to acknowledge the UFO phenomena.

Science, in unraveling the mysteries of quantum physics has shattered the previous policy of isolation through distance.  We are learning things about our own planet that indicate how little we actually know of the species we cohabit the globe with.  Several prominent opponents of the UFO phenomena have in recent years changed their opinions, including former governor Fyfe Symington.

What more disclosure does the public want?   Disclosure will not officially happen unless the executive branch of the government learns of UFO phenomena, gathers sufficient evidence (ie several extraterrestrial beings complete with technology superior to our own).  Perhaps the missing link in UFO disclosure isn’t a massive cover-up, but rather a failure to focus intelligence within the government.  The next question becomes, if the government officially declared the UFO phenomena a reality, would the remaining skeptics even believe it?  “They’re trying to distract us from something that’s really going on.”  Although, and this is pure unadulterated speculation, if 2009 is the year for disclosure, as several “insiders” are saying, it may go a long way to explain the sudden rekindled interest world governments are showing in regards to the UFO phenomena.  If UFO disclosure does indeed happen before Christmas as many are saying, it would change the geopolitical structure as well as all of our lives forever.