Galactic Federation of light

Aliens have been watching and interacting with human beings since time began, some live amongst us and move through the world unnoticed.
They work with us, live with us, and we are none the wiser. Other
beings watch from afar, documenting everything that takes place on the
Earth plane. Just like on Earth, there are benign alien civilizations
and malevolent ones. There are groups of aliens who accept humans as
valid entities, with value to the world, then there aliens who look upon
humans much the way humans view the animals of the world.

A former United States Naval Intelligence team member, wrote a book
revealing that the United States Government discovered an alien
spacecraft, piloted by insect like beings from an unknown culture. The
spacecraft crashed in the desert of New Mexico sometime after World War

Between January 1947 and December 1952, approximately 16 downed, or
crashed alien craft, 65 alien bodies, and 1 live alien were recovered.
The United States Air Force and the CIA had complete control over the
alien secret. The National Security Act was established to oversee the
intelligence community and the alien watch.

President Truman had been keeping allies, including the Soviet Union,
appraised of the developing alien dilemma. A close eye was being kept
in case the aliens turned out to be hostile, there were plans made, and
ready to implement at a moments notice, to defend Earth should there be
an alien invasion. Objects that astronomers discovered moving towards
Earth, turned out to be spaceships.

A NATO report was written in 1993, (Assessment: An Evaluation of a
Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe). Within this report
was documentation that Earth had been under close scrutiny by several
different extraterrestrial civilizations.  Four had been identified
visually, and were described in the documentation. While President
Eisenhower was in office in 1953, his first year, ten crashed alien
spaceships were recovered, along with twenty six dead bodies and four
live aliens. In 1953 objects that astronomers discovered moving towards
Earth, turned out to be spaceships. The crafts kept a high orbit around
the equator, there were several large spacecrafts. Project Sigma and
project Plato, arranged a landing, followed by face to face contact with
alien beings, this was arranged through radio communications using the
computer binary language.

In 1953, the Plaiadeans, a race of human looking aliens, contacted
the US Government, to warn them that aliens were orbiting the Earth, and
offering their help. Their caveat was the disarmament of all nuclear
weapons, something the government refused to do, thus rejecting the
alien’s offer of assistance. The aliens that had been orbiting the Earth
landed at Holloman Air Force Base in 1954, an agreement was then
reached.  A formal treaty between the United States of America and the
Alien Nation was signed, after the aliens met with President Eisenhower.
The large nosed Gray Aliens, were from a planet around a red star, in
the Constellation Betelgeuse, it is a red supergiant star and one of the
brightest in the Constellation Orion.

The agreement stated that each party would not interfere in the
affairs of the other, and alien presence on Earth would remain a secret,
and no treaty would be made with any other nation.  Earth would be
furnished with advanced technology, and assisted with technological
development. The Gray aliens did not honour the agreement made with
President Eisenhower and the treaty was broken in 1955.

Bodies of mutilated humans and animals were being found all over
America, the US government found that the Soviet Union had been interacting
with the aliens. Through witchcraft, secret societies, the occult and
within religious groups, the aliens were manipulating people en masse.
It soon became clear, after Air Force combat with the aliens, that Earth
weapons were no match against alien weaponry. President Eisenhower
commissioned a group to examine all the facts to do with human alien
interaction, and came to the conclusion that the public could not be
told, as there would be worldwide panic. The experts concluded that
knowledge would lead to chaos, mayhem, economic collapse, imploding of
religious structure, and the ultimate outcome, anarchy. It was decided
that if the public could not be told neither could the Congress.

Meanwhile the aliens were experimenting on humans and animals, taking
glandular and hormonal secretions, enzymes, blood, and conducting
inhumane genetic experiments. The aliens rationalized their conduct as
necessary to their survival, and as Earth’s weapons were ineffective
against alien weapons, a group known as, MJ-12, opted for a diplomatic
solution, allowing the aliens to continue until they were able to
develop technology to challenge the aliens. The plan was to gather the
Soviet Union, and other nations, to work for the survival of humanity,
by joining forces.

Each new President is given a small amount of information by MJ-12,
usually along the lines of the aliens being benign entities, looking to
build a home on planet Earth and having nothing but benevolent reasons
for being here. The United States Naval Intelligence Team Member who
wrote a book about contact with alien civilizations, believed that much
is being kept from the public regarding the power of aliens and their
threat to humankind.

A Command Sergeant Major, assigned to NATO’s Supreme Headquarters
Operations Center, who had Cosmic Top Secret security clearance said the
human race had been the subject of detailed surveillance by many
extraterrestrial civilizations. Four different alien civilizations have
been identified. One race resembled humans in height and structure, with
pasty gray skin. Another was indistinguishable from human beings. There
are the often mentioned grays. The fourth were the least like humans,
they were reptilian, with lizard-like skin, their eyes had vertical

Within the Milky Way galaxy there is, “The Galactic Confederation,”
this is made up of planet groups of different constellations within the
galaxy. They are; Pleiades, Lyra, Vega, the Sirius system and many
others. Their task is to inhibit the spread of Draconian influence. The
Draconians have brought in entities from Zeta Reticuli, as mercenaries.
The Draconians are under the control of the Orion Empire. The
Intergalactic Confederation, is an alliance of highly evolved spiritual
beings, belonging to different star systems. They are united in a common
purpose of hindering the Orion Empire, and the Draconian Federation,
from enslaving other planets, outside their own Federations and Empires.

There are three elements in the Milky Way galaxy working as units.
“The Galactic Confederation,” made up from planet groups of many
different constellations within the galaxy. Pleiades, Lyra, the Sirius
system, Vega and other systems, all working together. They work to block
the progress of the Draconian Federation. The Draconians have brought
the entities from Zeta Reticuli, into the Federation as mercenaries. The
Draconions are under the control of the Orion Empire. The Intergalactic
Confederation is an alliance of highly evolved spiritual beings of
different star systems, united in a common purpose, to halt the Orion
Empire and Draconian Federation, from enslaving other planets, outside
their Federations and Empires.

After World War II, the Pleiadeans tried to warn the governments of
the world about the Orion Grey aliens. They didn’t listen and the Orion
Greys secured an agreement with the United States, in 1948, when
President Truman was in power. Then in 1949, the Zeta Reticuli Greys,
secured their agreements with the US Government.

The Orion Grey aliens were attempting, through experimentation, to
create half breeds by taking eggs from Earth women, and having them
fertilized by Reptoid men. These beings could then masquerade as a
Pleiadean humanoid, to then interface between the Reptoids and human
beings, as though from the Pleiades and being benevolent friends of
humanity. With this taking place the aliens would have control over the
activities of the human race. These entities in the role of benign
beings would have active control of humans, maintaining them, seemingly
passively unless they attempted to rebel. This is a chilling concept and
one we would all hope is not to be.

This information suggests that the Greys wanted to take control and
use humans. They wanted to create a One World Government which would
give them control over mankind, and all human activates, in readiness
for the final invasion of an alien civilization. Once this took place,
the necessary and useful humans would remain, the unnecessary would be
eradicated. Information gathered, reveals that the Greys are the
servants of the Reptoids. The human implants, the front line of defense.
The hybrid Grey/human children, trained for military service, used as
the second line of defense, hence fighting against humans. The Greys,
the third line of defense. The fourth line of defense, will be the

The aliens from the Pleiades, are highly evolved spiritual beings
aligned to the human race and wanting to help humans. They are blonde
and fair skinned, and associated with the Intergalactic Confederation.
The other blonde fair skinned types, are subordinates to the Greys,
these entities are those who have been abducted, or the offspring of
abductees and raised by the Greys as servants, born to obey the Greys
without question. Described as “blonde Nordic types,” many have been
created on earth, they are clones, some the clones of the Reptoids and
Greys. Others are clones of the government, created to serve the

Human beings who have been abducted, describe very tall people
standing in the background watching. These are usually Reptoids, some
from the Orion Empire, the Reptoids are usually present with the short
Greys in the ships. The Reptoids do not want direct conflict with their
enemies, preferring to have abductees, half breeds and humans engage in
war, while they stand on the sidelines.

The symbol for the Pleiadians, is a serpent climbing a vine. The
Reptoid’s symbol is a cobra. The three main groups in the galaxy is; the
Reptoid Federation, the Galactic Confederation, and the Orion Empire.
The Orion Empire is ruled by one leader. The Reptoid Federation is a
conglomeration of many different groups, which various types of species
have joined together. The Galactic Confederation is made up from
federations of different star systems throughout the galaxy, mostly
humans, in some cases the serpent race, which is a sub-species from
Draco, that broke away eons ago and has been aligned with the Galactic
Confederation for a long time. Their main home is Sirius.

The Orion Greys are the beings in a superior economic position,
holding control over other extraterrestrials, such as the Zeta Reticuli and
the Draconias. The small Greys of the Zeta Reticuli, are mercenaries
under the jurisdiction of the Draco Reptiles, who are in turn ruled by
the Orion Greys. The Galactic Command, comprises the Pleiadians, Vegans,
Sirius and Arcturians. The Galactic Command is in waiting with its
abilities and forces ready to assist humanity when need be.

Should the New World Order occur, it will be designed to use human
beings and bend them to the will of the aliens, humanity will be there
to serve the alien race. Extraterrestrials are like Angels and Demons,
with one group looking upon humans as inferior creatures, there to
assist them biologically, with no divine rights. They are aligned to
darkness, Satan, they are the Orion Greys and the Reptoids. Those
aligned to the light, angelic beings, are those associated with the
Pleiadians, Sirius, Arcturian and Vegan energies. Therefore there are
negative extraterrestrials aligned to the Satanic hierarchy, and the
benign extraterrestrials, the angelic hosts.

The Galactic Command believes in the souls of the people of Earth,
understanding the temporal nature of the body. The extraterrestrials
standing in the darkness, care nothing for the souls of mankind, and
want to capture the souls of entities. The extraterrestrials standing in
the light, wish to preserve the souls of mankind, believing it to be
more permanent, and of the highest importance. The alien civilizations,
just like the human civilizations, comprises malevolent entities, those
who want to steal, go to war, hurt, harm, use, abuse, and destroy. And
benevolent entities, who feel love, compassion, empathy, care for
mankind, who want to build and create.

Since the beginning of time, there have been alien abductions and
experiments carried out, in order to create human alien hybrids. The
Greys do enjoy the power they have over mere humans. The Zeta Reticuli
and the Orion Greys, the more negative aliens prefer not to have close
contact with spiritual beings, they actually fear spiritual power. The
aliens fear having close contact with awakened spiritual souls, and tend
to stay away from those spiritually aligned. The more strong minded and
spiritually acquainted individuals, are less appealing to the negative

It is thought that the agenda of the aliens is to create a, New World
Order, this being instigated by the Greys from Orion, which has plans
to prepare the world for its future blending with the Orion Empire. The
Galactic Federations, including the Pleiadians, the Vegans and the
Sirius groups, do not want the Earth to become part of the Orion Empire
of the Draco Federation. Preferring the Earth to become part of the
Galactic Federation. The Greys, have the economic power, which allows
them to have control over other extraterrestrials, the Draconionas and
the Zeta Reticuli, who are mercenaries under the jurisdiction of the
Draco Reptiles, who are the servants of the Orion Greys. The Galactic
Command, the Pleiadians, Vegans, the Arcturians and Sirius, keeps a low
profile as they watch over Earth and its inhabitants. They are ever
ready to assist the governments of the world and stand up for humanity,
to fend off the Draconions and Orions.

If the radical and unempathic aliens managed to form a New World
Government, they would take control, confiscating weapons, preventing
leaders from addressing their countries, they would bring in sedition
laws, stop freedom of speech, independent thought and action. These
aliens see humans as no more than animals inhabiting the Earth, there to
be used as they see fit. The Greys, the Orion Greys and the Reptoids,
are the shadow side of the aliens. The Pleidians, Sirius, Acturian and
Vegan’s, are the light, the spiritual beings, wanting to assist mankind.

There is a vast region of light called the photon belt, which our
solar system is to enter. This will be the vehicle for the resequencing
of human DNA, these changes will dramatically alter the planet and every
being on it. Our solar system will move from 3rd to 5th dimension,
allowing planet Earth to move closer to the star system Sirius. Every
25,000 years our solar system completes one orbit around Alcione, the
central Sun of Pleiades, a constellation approximately 400 light years
from the Sun. There is a photon belt encircling the Pleiades at a right
angle to its orbital planes. The Sun, and Earth, are entering this
photon belt between now and the year 2012. The photon belt is composed
of photon light particles. These particles are the result of a collision
between an anti electron and an electron. When the collision occurs the
two particles destroy each other, the collision is converted into
energy, this energy registers as light particles. This photon energy
will be the major source for all of our energy requirements in the

The photon belt will be divided into three sections. First we will
enter through the null zone. This will take five days to complete,
including three days of total darkness. Before entering the null zone,
there will be a change in Earth’s electrical, magnetic, and
gravitational fields. From this we will move into the main part of the
belt, and experience unending daylight. This journey normally lasts 2000
years, ending when our solar system exits the other end of the belt.
The shift from a 3rd dimensional world to a 5th dimensional world
removes us from the Pleiadean control, and brings us nearer to Sirius,
allowing mankind to adopt the Lyran/Sirian culture, under the protection
of Sirius.

The Galactic Confederation will orchestrate a mass landing of
important scientific and healing technologies, counselors and relevant
personnel, six months before the photon belt arrives. This will be done
in order to help humans adjust to undergoing, immense electrical and
consciousness changes.

Extraterrestrials keep a close eye on Earth because of dramatic
evolutionary changes that are to come, due to the energies eminating
from the photon belt. The Sirians are working with the Earth and the
more localized photon belt, this is being done to thwart the negative
energies of the, Draconions, Irion, and other beings wanting to take
control of certain galaxies, planets, solar systems and star systems.
The Sirians are connected to humankind and will help to bring new photon
energy into focus, helping to re-establish energy technologies and
applications for replacing the electrical objects used on Earth. Some of
the old appliances will still work, other electrical devices will no
longer be useful. Those who are strong minded, open and receptive to new
frequencies and vibrational changes will be able to successfully make
the transition through dimensions. The photon energies when coming into
contact with Earth, will affect the consciousness of mankind, triggering
psychic powers, enabling them to sense what is taking place. They will
have greater understanding of each other, and that which they can’t see,
they will begin to understand on an intuitive level. There will be a
psychic and telepathic awakening as the photon energies mix with the
consciousness of man, allowing physical, mental, psychological and
emotional balance. The different frequencies will activate the chakras,
our inner energy centers, and as the chakras vibrate to a new frequency
there will be enhanced awareness with higher perceptions.


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