Gary McKinnon’s Findings: Non-Terrestrial Officers

Gary McKinnon, the man accused of hacking into top secret military computers and accessing information is awaiting resolution after over ten years.  But McKinnon has revealed some of what he has seen to the public pertaining to extraterrestrials.  And as the world waits, the things he found point to a few possibilities.

Generally the McKinnon case is remembered primarily for its extraterrestrial link.  Of particular note is the fact that the hacker discovered images that appeared to show an extraterrestrial object on the surface of Mars that looked to have been built by an unknown third party.  Additionally, McKinnon noted the discovery of a number of spreadsheets outlining lists of what were labeled “Non-terrestrial officers.”  So what was he looking at?  And what might this revelation tell us about interest in the Martian surface?

 First, even by McKinnon’s own suggestion it could have all been part of an oddly disguised game, a sort of training exercise designed to examine the possibility of military action on the red planet at some point in the distant future.  This is certainly possible, but it does raise some interesting questions.  First of all, the names of military members used in the exercise did not match any of those McKinnon was able to find elsewhere.  They seemed to consist of non-persons who had their identities removed or entirely manufactured for the purpose of the exercise.

If it was a game, why go to the lengths of creating fictional characters and names while doing it?  And then there’s the matter of the photograph – an incredibly high resolution image of what appeared to be – in simplified terms – a UFO.  This too could have been designed for the exercise.  But if so, why make it so incredibly high resolution?  Why not have a smaller simpler image to represent a fictional alien entity?

Another possibility is the suggestion that the discovery could be related to actual real life exercises being conducted on the red planet.  If Mars were involved in an actual military exercise it would likely require a tremendous secret budget.  By 2008 the estimated black budget in the United States was an estimated $32 billion annually, and that number is estimated to have increased substantially since then.  By comparison, the cost of the Apollo Spacecraft, Saturn I, Saturn IB, Saturn V, Launch Vehicle Engine Research, Mission Support, Tracking Data, Ground Facilities, and Operations expenses for the entire Apollo program was less than 23.9 billion.  A considerable amount of that cost came from the fact that it was being performed for the first time using inefficient heavy materials and chemical based rockets.  If somehow a more efficient means of propulsion had been secretly developed, it would decrease this cost significantly.

There is one other possibility.  If the military had made an alliance with a visiting extraterrestrial force, then it may very well have officers designated to travel on diplomatic missions far from Earth.  And that would also explain what McKinnon saw in the photo he described as “unlike anything we had.”