German Government Falls Mysteriously Silent On UFO Subject

As governments around the world come forward with their findings on the subject of UFOs a few interesting points have been discovered and brought to the attention of the public.  But in the vast choir of voices rising up finally admitting to having an interest in UFOs at one time or another, one member of the EU is remaining oddly silent about the whole thing.  Germany, unlike the others, has refused to release its UFO documents or even admit that it has any, despite evidence gathered to the contrary.  Is this a case of passing the buck on a controversial subject?  Or does Germany simply have no interest in the subject and no records of a time when it did?

Germany has a long history of UFO sightings with some of the first Foo fighters spotted in and near German airspace.  Since then, the global wave of UFOs has gained mainstream popularity, and Germany was by no means separate from the rest of it.  But why are we seeing a German government apprehensive to share its findings on a subject so many skeptics consider unworthy of a cover-up?  An observation made by Open Minds, suggests that it may have been because the government could have been deferring its UFO studies to the better equipped United States Air Force which was – as we now know – certainly taking a very active interest in the subject for a time.  In fact, if the German government were convinced it was a military action this does seem to be a distinct possibility.  As a result, the governmental admission of sharing the mystery with the west could be a subject of small embarrassment in Germany.

According to a ruling in a lawsuit by Frank Reitemeyer, the German government must submit all relevant documentation on the subject of UFOs and unexplained aircraft – particularly the results of an enigmatic study prepared to be submitted to the Bundestag of Germany.  And so it would seem, if Germany were not interested in the subject of UFOs, the now fiscally responsible German government would not be spending money studying airborne enigmas.  And so the battle seemed over for a time when a judge ruled the documentation should be turned over to the public.  But the government is now taking it to appellate court to have that ruling overturned.  And this is the part that has many people scratching their heads.  Why would the German government decide this subject is not for public consumption?  Why would they fight their own court system and keep it secret?

Of note in Germany’s UFO folklore is the possibility that at one point during the Canadian Avrocar experiments, in which scientists were attempting to construct saucer-shaped civilian aircraft, it was revealed that Rudolf Schriever and Klaus Habermohl had developed a disk shaped vertical take-off vehicle (VTOL) and flew it on February 14, 1945.  The craft allegedly was a success, but quickly disappeared from most official record books.  No doubt Germany’s apprehension to talk about the subject will only fuel interest in the subject.