German Involvement Of UFO Activities

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Re: Vril-German involvement

Theo Paijmans ( [email protected] )
Fri, 07 Jan 2000 19:17:29 +0100 Hi Tom,

I inserted my answers below.

TOM MCCOY wrote:

> So Theo why do you say that the Germans during WWII had no circular aircraft that operated with higher performance than standard fixed wing aircraft of that day?(Not counting the jets that the Germans first deployed. Remember Germany was the Super Power at that time and had the largest think tank around. Things of intelect came from there or am I confusing this with before WW1?)

Why do I say that? Because after some 20 years of assidious study I have come to think so. That the major scientific advances came from Germany, is a myth. The Rumanian Coanda was responsible for the worlds first operational jet circa 1910, a Russian Tsiolkovski was responsible for the space age (and of course Rumanian Oberth and American Goddard) and so forth.

> Viktor Schauberger gladly worked on this project for the FatherLand.

He did not, as the new biography published in Germany clearly attests. Moreover, he never worked on a flying saucer, the circular things (the pictiures we have come to see in two variants, one as is, the second with German cross on it, a fake) were only 20 inches in diameter. They were meant as turbine engines.

> Bellonzo (Italian?), Habermohl, & Schreiver had there own program.

Bellonzo or Belluzo as he is foten also called, appears to have been too young (birthdate), of Habermohl and Miethe no trace, and Schriever…well, suffice to say that he often contradicted himself ( I have all the documentation). It would be too lenghty to go into here, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

> The Horton brothers had another program.

This was for a flying wing and not a flying saucer, as witnessed in the excellent book Nurflugel. The planes were propelled by conventional engines.

> (The Japaneses are involved here some where just not sure where.)

They were not. In fact, the germans sent to them models of the Komet and the V1, and generally had no high regards for Japanes technological achievments.

> 3 Different programs that were known about and documented. Also don’t forget the Guy who wrote “Space Aliens from the Pentagon” who says that there was another project that used 3 rotating Tesla coils to power a circular craft.

Yeah, I have the Space Aliens etc. book. But where’s the sources and the proof?

> I suggest you look into the German Research Group based out of California. (www.1999.com/ufo/grp/grp2.htm)

Tom, I know these guys and have all that they have put out. In fact, a large part of what they sell stems from my private collection…:)

> Also don’t forget about Ernst Zundel and Vladimir Terziski.

I know Zundel (Canada based Neo-Nazi who admits that he wrote his book on Nazi ufo’s to get people interested in his fascist ideas and I have his book) and I know Terziski who just repeats what Brad Steiger says in his Rainbow Conspiracy – or the other way around I think it is – who just repeats what the Vienese Tempelhof gesellschaft put out in their video’s and books (which I all

In concluding I might add that I have been studying this subject for almost 20 years now. A good website on Nazi ufo’s and sources is :


Theo Paijmans