Google’s New Logo of a Crop Circle In UK

A crop circle spelling out “Googe” missing the “L” with a UFO over it, is Google’s new doodle that is baffling web users.

Google has been changing their famous logo lately.  The latest in a series of changes in the mysterious changes to the Google’s logo is only visible on UK’s search engine.  This sparked a bunch of rumors that google is planning something big behind the scenes.

The new logo shows a UFO over a field that the crop circles spell Google out.  Because the “L” is missing, people believe they are being teased of a new launch of a new project or service.

Clicking on the logo brings users to a page for “crop circles.”  this page includes links to photos of these phenomenons and also websites explaining origins of these mysterious shapes.

Ten days ago, Google started these speculations when it had a UFO over it’s logo.  That time the UFO was was abducting the “O” with a tractor beam.  Clicking on that doodle brought you to a page on “unexplained phenomenon.” 

Google refused to comment on the recent extra terrestrial theme doodles.  One spokesman joked that they would leave it up to the users to use their own UFO theories.

Some people are saying that it’s a publicity stunt for a new movie like “District 9” or “Avatar.”  Others believe its responding to the surge of searches for information on aliens and the unexplained.  I guess for now we’ll have to wait for official word to come from Google.