Green Aliens Are In Greece!

They land on farmers’ fields!

Aliens reached Greece. A local peasant found an UFO on his field. All local residents confirmed his words. As the residents of the village of Prini say, the owner of the field saw a strange circle that was ten meters in diameter, which landed on the field, having left the cavities 20 cm deep.

Another local resident said that he saw the landing of a strange object as well. The children of the village said that they saw the sky glistening above the village, when the object was landing. The news about a strange circle made a half of Prini’s residents come into the field, and the whole neighborhood was talking about aliens the next day. People started saying that they saw such things before, so there was nothing new for them.

The strangest thing here, however, is the fact that nothing has been reported about it before. Why such a commotion now? Is it a way for the local government to attract tourists? Probably, yes.

Circles on the field is not groundbreaking news. Mysterious circles started appearing on the fields of English farmers some ten or fifteen years ago. Everybody was saying that aliens did that. However, as it became known afterward, it was all about two local jokers. Maybe someone is joking in Greece too?