Grey alien saucer secret in Pentagon Libya briefings

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Vice Admiral William E. Gortney unconsciously suggested the role of a “spaceship” during today’s Pentagon briefing
concerning what is now being described as “NATO-led military operations
in Libya”. The coded communication was only the most recent in a series
of disclosures from US Navy commanders documented by a Vancouver audio lab detecting secret messages encrypted backwards within the spoken reports. During Tuesday’s briefing,
Admiral Samuel Locklear involuntarily described how the “saucer of a
grey alien” played a role in the “Odyssey Dawn” conflict as well.
Exclusive audio documenting these covert communications is featured in today’s new episode of The Secret Message Report , Podcast Edition, produced in Vancouver by former CBS Radio feature producer, Jon Kelly.

Canadian Psyops

Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay said today that Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard has been designated to lead the campaign in Libya against Muammar Gaddafi’s forces. Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reports there are now 435 Canadian Forces personnel deployed in Libya using CF-18 jets to bomb weapons depots.

East Vancouver residents will recall how Mayor Gregor Robertson was pressured into
allowing a CF-18 to fly at an altitude of 500 feet over residential
neighbourhoods for the BC Lions season opener in June, 2010. According
to witnesses near the event, noise pollution and sonic shock waves
resulting from this military psychological warfare mass conditioning
exercise invoked the spectre of a jet airliner crashing into tower complexes.
Earlier, Vancouver had been subject to unprecedented noise pollution,
privacy invasion and psychological conditioning by the continuous
presence of black, unmarked helicopters alongside military aircraft operating throughout the city prior to and during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Mirror Messages

The open source analytic methodology used in detecting the secret
messages of US navy commanders reflected a graph of their digitally
sampled speech across the Y axis,
enabling audio playback and monitoring in reverse. The messages
detected through this procedure are formed by unconscious processes
related to sleep talking and Freudian slips. These communications
repeatedly provide involuntary disclosures that reveal hidden contents
of the speaker’s unconscious mind. Examiner.com has previously reported
how such analysis has proven effective in the gathering of intelligence
for military, political, forensic, clinical and UFO Disclosure applications.

Examiner.com has also reported how Vancouver-based investigative research
studying the detection of secret messages encrypted backwards within
the human voice fulfills legacy demands from the scientific community
for an advanced technique of UFO witness interrogation. Eminent
researcher and US government UFO scientist Dr. J. Allen Hynek wrote in
his book The UFO Experience – A Scientific Inquiry
how “[The 1960’s US Air Force Project] Blue Book was a “cover-up” to
the extent that the assigned problem was glossed over for one reason or
another. In my many years association with Blue Book, I do not recall
ever one serious discussion of methodology, of improving the process of
data gathering or of techniques of comprehensive interrogation of witnesses.”

Multidimensional Speech

The method used in the Vancouver study complies with the standards and
results of a published study in which human listeners monitored speech
sounds that had been subject to various degrees of mirror filtering in
order to measure their relative intelligibility under highly filtered
conditions. Commenting on the results of this study, Britain’s
prestigious Royal Society noted how “It is remarkable that speech
remains reasonably intelligible even under conditions of extreme
distortion, such as … time reversal of segments of speech (Saberi
& Perrott 1999)” – Brian C.J. Moore, “Basic auditory processes
involved in the analysis of speech sounds”, (Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B12 March 2008 vol. 363 no. 1493 947-963) The authors of the study told Nature,
one of the premier publications in science, how “We have studied the
intelligibility of speech, and find it is resistant to time reversal of
local segments of a spoken sentence” – Kourosh Saberi and David R.
Perrott, “Cognitive restoration of reversed speech”, (Nature 398 (29 April 1999) 760). One of the authors, distinguished University of California, Irvine Professor of Cognitive Sciences Kourosh Saberi even
went so far as to state how “Speech is a multidimensional stimulus.
There are different ways you can extract a message from it.”

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