Grey’s At Capital Hill

Alright one day about 5 years ago (2000) I was at the capital (Washington D.C.) and I saw this man in a suit, the next day I saw the same man in the same suit, then the day after that I saw him again same everything! So then I started to trail him, after a while and still nothing he walks into a bathroom about 2 miles away from capital hill he goes into the stall and then the most pungent most god awful smell ever came from his stall so I run to the stall next to him and figured out that he wasn’t going into the bathroom he actually pulling out his “costume” and he turned out to be a grey like the sterotype alien by then he already saw me so I ran out of the bathroom and he was chasing me I run to the nearest police station and they accused me of being “hysterical” and “hallucinating”. When I walked outside the grey was looking straight at me in his disguise and he said,”nothing you will do will ever make them believe of me and theres nothing you can do to stop us from the invasion of your planet” I passed out and woke up in a hospital 2 and half hours later with the same guy looking right beside me in a chair. I asked him what was his purpose of acting like a congressman and he said,”So I can have control of your government” then I asked where he was from he pulled out a piece of paper and drew out the coordinates which was way out of my understandings unfortunately I didn’t save the piece of paper, the next day I was at my house at about 7:30 PM trying to understand what went on. The next thing I know I hear a knock on my door, two men dressed in black asked my name, I told them, the next thing I know I was hit acrossed the head a passed out. After all that I woke up at an insane asylum the doctor comes in and told me that everything I saw those three days were a lie and I was legally insane, so I stay there for next 4 years when they let me out. So I leave the country and now Im writing this story 5 years later to inform the public that the government is in with all the alien stories and that the U.S. is in a treaty with the Greys. Never trust the government.