Grove Shaped Alien Shpere

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Reading UFO and books of the Graham Hancock type over the years, I’ve often
read of artifacts that defy explanation because they seem to be man made but are
found in a geological strata that defies the man made argument.   The
article below seems to fit very nicely in to the ET category, what does anyone
think, got any more examples of it?  (other than the plate reported in
PRAVDA recently)

“Grooved Sphere from South Africa, 2.8 Billion Years Old:

If extra-terrestrial beings do visit the Earth, they must have done so in the
past.  Also, the question is raised: Are there any indication of possible
ancient visits by extra-terrestrial beings on Earth? The answer is,
surprisingly: yes, there are”


Taken from Klerksdorp museum, home of the grooved speres.  Put the link in
below to the museum site but the writing here raises one point which may or may
not detract from the alien influence.  “When only partly embedded so that
they can be seen on the surface, they are not all spheres, but some are also
oblong in form.”  The fact some are oblong seems to indicate that a more
natural creation but given the complexity of machines and technology in general
who could say?  One thing from this is that whatever they are they are not
a hoax, whether they are natural or an Et in origin they are genuine artifacts.