Guided Tour Of Aurora, Texas

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“Dallas Morning News – April 17th 1897 About 6 o’clock this morning the early risers of Aurora were astonished at the sudden appearance of the airship which has been sailing around the country. It was traveling due north and much nearer the earth than before. Evidently some of the machinery was out of order, for it was making a speed of only ten or twelve miles an hour, and gradually settling toward the earth. It sailed over the public square and when it reached the north part of town it collided with the tower of Judge Proctor’s windmill and went into pieces with a terrific explosion, scattering debris over several acres of ground, wrecking the windmill and water tank and destroying the judge’s flower garden. The pilot of the ship is supposed to have been the only one aboard and, while his remains were badly disfigured, enough of the original has been picked up to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world.” Howdy, Jim Marrs has kindly offered to conduct a guided tour of Aurora, Texas. Aurora’s a little blink-and-miss it town where a genuine UFO reportedly crashed at 6:00AM, Saturday, April 17th, way back in the year of 1897. The Aurora Cemetery was said to be the final resting place of the so called “spaceman” who died in the purported Mystery Airship accident. Jim Marrs, a well-known investigative reporter, has gone over this incident with a fine-toothed comb in both books and DVD’s. In fact, I’ve twisted his arm into dragging along a truck load of his wares when he conducts us on the tour of Aurora. Those of able to take part in this event will need to meet at high noon, Saturday, February 26th, at the Tatter Junction eatery on 114 in Aurora. After the tour, we plan on taking him out to eat there at the restaurant for his trouble. I’ve been impressed every time I’ve heard Jim talk at MUFON meetings and on the radio shows. He’s truly a wealth of info and Denton Area Paranormal Society (DAPS) is honored by his willingness to tell us straight from the horse’s mouth all about the 1897 incident. Whether the UFO crash was a hoax or the “smoking gun” of UFOlogy, Jim’s a friendly, engaging storyteller and his works are valuable additions to anyone’s library. This promises to be one of those not-to-be-missed events! For more info on Jim Marrs please visit If you’d like to attend the tour, please visit the DAPS site for the details. I also welcome any discussions on this and can be contacted at [email protected] Thank You, Lance Oliver DAPS Organizer