Has Indrid Cold Returned?

A witness from Holden Massachusetts has come forward reporting seeing a very strange object in the sky, but unlike so many other UFO sightings that run through the Mutual UFO Network, this one seems to be an almost perfect representation of an object first associated with the legend of the Mothman and the mysterious figure that was spotting it known as Indrid Cold.  Has the Grinning Man returned?

The Grinning Man, or Indrid Cold as he is commonly known was first seen driving a mysterious flying car down the highway that somehow was capable of flight.  As the witness who first reported him first suggested, the creature was almost human, but seemed to have many features that just didn’t fit with the rest of him.  Not the least of which was a massive grin that seemed plastered from ear to ear on him and a very cold stare.

But then another sighting in 2003 suggests that the Grinning Man may have returned as a witness submitted a report to the Mutual UFO Network suggesting they may have seen his vehicle hovering over the treetops at an altitude of approximately 200 feet.  It all started when the witness was stepping outside to catch a look at the low red full moon.  It was April first, but certainly the thing the witness reported was far beyond any reasonable April Fool’s Joke.  The witness reported seeing a rectangular shaped object hovering in the sky just above the tree line with three headlights directly in front of it.  As they continued to watch, the strange object made a few maneuvers in the sky over their property as though it were scanning for something, and then veered off into the distance.  Though it didn’t make any discernable sound ,the witness did notice that the object seemed to be behaving how one would expect a flying car to behave.

Flying cars are certainly within the lexicon of UFO reports, but they are certainly not normally associated with the standard “grey” type aliens or ordinary abduction reports.  And whether what this witness saw was a top secret experimental aircraft or something else could not be ascertained by their testimony alone.

But the similarity in the object the witness described and the vehicle driven by Indrid Cold was too much to simply disregard.  Indrid Cold drove a vehicle along the highway with three lights, the capability of flight, and exited it with a lantern that seemed anachronistic for the level of technology he was otherwise displaying.  And Indrid Cold was also associated with the legendary Mothman.

At the moment it’s still up for question whether any other paranormal events happening around the Massachusetts area happened that were as dramatic as the Mothman events, but even if there were none received anywhere near as much media attention.  And similarly the witness did not describe the occupants (if there were any) of this craft.  And so we can only speculate on whether it was similar to the legendary Indrid Cold.