Has UFO Disclosure Happened Already?

Long have we all awaited the final word on the UFO phenomenon.  Is there more information in the government than we have been told?  A recent article in American Chronicle has made the astounding suggestion that the UFO disclosure we’ve been waiting for has already happened.  But has it?  And if we truly have heard everything there is to hear on the matter, what happens next?

It is interesting that in the past year several of the steps we once thought would never be possible have taken place toward suggesting that a massive UFO phenomenon remains to this day unexplained and directly involving military forces.  This coupled with high profile worldwide mass sightings may suggest there is something more to the phenomenon than we may have expected.  And Steve Hammons’ article does raise several questions about the case for disclosure.  But if it has happened, is this the final word from the government, or is this only the first in a several stage process?

If we were to ask the biggest question first, it would likely be, “Is there something happening?”  Immediately following this question would have to be, “What’s going on?” and finally “What’s responsible for these craft being here?”  Rather than focus on the question of whether or not these objects exist, it seems clear the next stage of disclosure would have to be sharing exactly what is going on with these craft.  And if the UFO abduction phenomena is to undergo the same type of disclosure as UFO sightings, there may be quite a bit of explaining necessary before people accept it.  With abduction reports sharply increasing in recent weeks, there are more questions than ever.  Are they somehow related to the massive number of sightings?  Or is this merely coincidence?  Who are the beings piloting these craft?  Are they human?  If not, what are they?  Why are they here?  Why have they conducted themselves in the strange way they have for all these years?  These are only a few of the questions that would have to be answered after the “Do they exist or not” question is addressed.

UFO researchers and self proclaimed insiders have for years claimed a number of scenarios ranging from clandestine breeding experiments to transcended beings wishing only to help the human race save itself from destruction.  Many of these scenarios outlined have mirrored science fiction films in many ways while other seem to take a more religious view.

There are also two ways of looking at the UFO abduction phenomenon.  One way sees sinister alien beings pulling people from their beds into their craft in order to conduct terrifying experiments on them.  The other suggests they could be simply visitors who wish to interact with humans and cannot help how terrified we are when we interact with something we are not used to.  If you were an alien trying to interact with people even while keeping the entire species from rioting at your existence, how would you attempt to establish contact with only a few of them?

So will these “next stage of disclosure” questions be answered shortly?  Or are we in for quite a wait?