Have Bizarre “Space Brains” Returned?

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When you look through the annals of UFO lore, you’re likely to come across several stories that are in most regards to be considered unusual or strange in their own way.  But one story stands out above all others as one of the most strange as it was recounted by two witnesses from Palos Verdes, California.  The duo back then claimed to have come across something so incredibly bizarre and peculiar that few stories by two witnesses could have even come close for many decades.  The account described two creatures that were unmistakably like massive brains that came down from the heavens and interacted with them.  Perhaps strangest of all in this account is the more recent series of sightings in the area causing some to wonder whether or not the creatures could have returned.

The account is difficult to track down, but American Monsters has a detailed account of the events that took place that night when Peter Rodriguez and John Hodges left the home of a friend of theirs to return to their own houses.  On the way, however, they encountered a massive pair of mysterious brains lying in the middle of the road – as unexpectedly as it sounds.

The short version of the account is that they soon after blacked out and then had to receive the guidance of a licensed hypnotherapist to uncover the truth behind their account.  What they unearthed was incredible – to say the least.  Their story picked up back in a mysterious room with peculiar and terrifying creatures with massive black eyes and thin almost lipless mouths.  As they continued to discuss what the brains were doing there, the creatures suggested to them that Earth would undergo a great calamity in 1987 as too much “power” was seen throughout the world.  Of course the only nuclear accident or calamity that immediately comes to mind from 1987 was the Goiânia accident, in which 93 grams of radioactive material was scavenged from a radiotherapy unit in Brazil.  Eventually the incident resulted in a nuclear containment team being called in to contain the leaking substance after it was sold to a scrapyard along with several pieces of medical equipment.  Hardly a world ending event, however, the lack of any major doomsday scenario suggests whatever crisis the creatures alleged in the Hodges Rodriguez case would later turn out to be averted.  Oddly enough, the 1986 Chernobyl accident did take place a year before.

But that’s not where the story ends, it would appear.  The unearthly blue glow described by witnesses in the case have returned to the area according to a report in September of this year.  On September 17th, two witnesses reported seeing a blue light darting about the skies, and began to consider the object may have been a UFO when it displayed signs of being unlike anything they had previously encountered – and certainly beyond the flight capabilities of anything known to the area.  And though the story of blue brains abducting people might stretch the imagination a bit, it seems where there were two witnesses to a blue glowing paranormal entity in this fairly specific area, there are now four in the localized space – each with their own convictions that it was alien in nature.  But if they’re back, does that mean they’re once again attempting to reverse a global catastrophe?