Helicopter Chases UFO

Sometimes when we are sitting at our desks or studying or just walking through the park we are all overcome with an unexplained intense energy that just seem to come from nowhere.  Sometimes the origin of this strange energy is entirely unexplainable while other times it’s simply a sudden chemical release within our brain of natural origin.  But one witness relates how a feeling similar to this one led them to an experience that they clearly consider of supernatural origin.

The witness was at home working on his computer when suddenly they felt a rush of energy that was not only physical and mental, but felt almost psychic in origin.  As they stood trying to understand their newfound Euphoria they had a mental image appear in their head that “something” was nearby.  With a sudden sense of urgency he felt himself drawn to the window where he witnessed several objects skipping through the sky emitting a bright glow.  The nearby objects were flat and disc-shaped and moved in a way that will sound familiar to those who read the report of the first ever mainstream UFO sighting reported by Kenneth Arnold.  “It really did look as it skipped in big leaps as one would take a flat pebble and throw it on the surface of water watching the rock bounce off.  They seemed extremely fast and going… North to South.”  The witness says the objects were approximately at horizon level, fifty degrees from their position of observation.  After watching the nearby formation and another one further away, the objects zipped away with incredible celerity to the south.  As the witness caught his breath from the incredible sight he had just witnessed, an unmarked helicopter tore through the sky above his house heading north.

As the helicopter moved above him he could detect no writing on the objects or indication that it was military or civilian.  He simply watched as it moved north and felt relieved that the objects had already moved to the south far out of the helicopters view.  Somehow he feels that by moving south the objects escaped whatever investigation the helicopter was sent out to conduct on the objects and felt an immense relief by this fact.

And this is where it seems strangest.  Why would a witness personally identify with these mysterious lights in the sky?  It seems a common trait shared by those who experience even limited UFO contact.  Some who seem to have a psychic connection with these objects report feelings of relief at their sightings and seem to have a strange almost innate understanding of a sort of contest or conflict between them and another force of a more terrestrial origin.  Why?  Why would a witness identify with something so biologically different from themselves?  Or perhaps it is a perceived congruence of philosophy that contrasts with the current military industrial establishment.  The sentiment in this story almost appears reminiscent of a whale watcher as a killer whale gets out of harpoon range.  But what was the helicopter going to do?  Clearly it could not outmaneuver these dancing lights.  The questions seem to come easily in cases such as this one.  Perhaps we’ll never know.