Helicopters Chase Down UFO in Lakeland Florida

Since last year there have been several reports of UFOs interacting with military aircraft in ways that suggest there may be more going on than the public is aware of.  The witnesses discovered the mysterious object as they were driving home.  This report would have been just one of dozens like it, but it shares the sheer curiosity and horror of each preceding case.

It all began as the two witnesses were driving home at approximately midnight.  The witnesses were driving home after a night out and observed a mysterious glowing light in the sky.  Figuring that mysterious lights in the sky were common enough, the witnesses continued on their journey and expected to ot think of it again when it started moving fairly rapidly.  As it moved to their left they tracked it and tried to judge its distance, but were unable to as it was simply a distant light without any attached form to it.  As the light continued to move fairly rapidly across the sky, they would pass it and encounter another one two or three miles further up the road.  As they continued driving they encountered one more, this one zooming across the sky without a sound and certainly without any known means of propulsion.  But it was what happened next that would leave the witnesses with a sense of awe.

Suddenly several black helicopters would arrive on the scene, soaring low over the frightened couples’ car and track the object flitting about.  As the helicopters closed in, the object took off with incredible speed into the distance and finally vanished as it flew behind the treeline.  The helicopters would then move to intercept it and changed their course deliberately and in formation, apparently in an effort to chase the mysterious object down.  As the helicopters flew overhead, the witnesses would eventually lose contact with the last visual evidence that something incredibly strange was unfolding before their eyes.

As they continued driving, they eventually turned off on the road as the object had gone in the general direction as their destination.  As they continued along they soon noticed that several police cars were blocking all entrances and exits to a small neighborhood and the helicopters were seen scanning the area in the distance.  As the primary reporting witness drove past he noted how he had never seen so many police cars covering such a small area and blocking it off.  This aspect to the story only served to confuse him more about the nature of the craft and the helicopters he had seen just minutes before.  The witness then adds that he is a professional fireman who has had some experience with manhunts and police blockades.

As the report happened in late 2009, I did some checking for a natural explanation of perhaps a single engine plane catching fire and then going down in the area around Lakeland Florida but could find no such reports.  What was this mysterious object?  Was it natural?  Manmade?  Or could it have been something extraterrestrial?  And it’s strange to think of police covering the location where the mysterious object moved to and the interactions with military that apparently followed.