Helicopters Seen Escorting PA UFO

A witness from Lancaster Pennsylvania has come forward and submitted a report to the Mutual UFO Network suggesting that not only were there helicopters at the scene escorting a massive unidentified flying object, but that neighboring witnesses may have caught it all on film.  The footage has yet to surface in the public eye, but the account of several people spotting a strange roughly cone or teardrop shaped object certainly seems like something that would be interesting to take a look at.

The witness submitted two reports including one spotted by multiple witnesses from different families that took footage of the strange object and another late at night while the witnesses could only see the lights from the same object.  It all started with the witnesses hearing a tremendous boom sounding near their house much like the sonic boom fired off from aircraft exceeding the speed of sound.  But then as the witnesses emerged from their house in an attempt to discover what the origin of the strange sound could have been, they spotted a mysterious hovering object in the distance that appeared roughly like a teardrop being escorted by two Chinook helicopters.  The tear drop shaped object was, according to witnesses, several times the size of the Chinooks.  Based on their size comparisons, the object would have been incredibly massive and appear even larger than a hot air balloon as it slowly moved across the sky escorted by the two military aircraft.  The witnesses also saw their neighbors filming the incident with one child becoming increasingly distressed at the sight of the strange object hanging in the sky in the distance.  As they watched, the strange object then drifted out of sight and the witnesses all dispersed.  Strangely, the witnesses from the different families did not approach one another and seemed instead to wish only to forget about the strange occurrence.

That night, at approximately 6:30, the witnesses then stepped outside and noticed another object very similar to the first in relative size.  Only this time, rather than seeing the teardrop shape from before, they saw instead a ring of lights that might be expected from the edges or underside of a saucer shaped craft.  As they looked closer they made out that it had white, red, and yellow lights surrounding its circumference.  As the witnesses spotted it they became extremely excited and even expressed that it could be related to the occurrence from earlier that day.  The object then once again vanished, though no one was able to catch it on film the second time.

The sighting of such a massive object in a populated area definitely suggests that several people would have been able to see it, particularly if it had been accompanied by helicopters.  But despite the fact that this object was apparently making no moves to remain hidden from spectators on the ground, only one report has come forward from one group of witnesses suggesting the event took place.  Until we catch sight of additional reports, this strange sighting will leave much to speculation.