Hobby Rocket Hits UFO

Those who went through the childhood phase of building and launching model rockets will remember the excitement of putting the device together, role-playing the countdown in a fantasy NASA launch, and ultimately pressing the ignition button launching the rocket sky high only to see it fall to the ground moments later in a flurry of childhood excitement.  This excitement, however, was replaced by terror according to one report coming out of MUFON telling of a birthday rocket launch that would end with a close encounter with a flying saucer.

The witness submitting the report told that the event happened on his birthday, after he and his father went out to a field in rural Texas late at night with seven built rockets with glow-sticks cracked and shaken up and emitting various colors.  After taping the glow-sticks to the rockets, they set up their launch pad quickly and began launching the rockets off one by one.  The first flew up and gave off a spectacular show as it fell back to the Earth.  The next to went into the night sky with similar success.  It wasn’t until the fourth object that the witnesses all stood in amazement.

The rocket went up and landed on top of something high up.  As they stood watching they watched it for a few seconds as though it were resting on top of something invisible, or merely hanging suspended in the air.  Then quite dramatically something appeared in the moonlit sky as though it were suddenly becoming visible.  A strange craft of saucer-shaped design had materialized and quickly darted away.  They stood amazed by what they had witnessed.  The theory of the witness submitting the report was that the craft may have been attempting to shake the object off, but they still don’t know if this is why the object became visible so quickly.  In fact, they know nothing aside from what they saw.  As the night went on they searched for the rocket, but launched no more.  The only rocket they didn’t find was the one that had hit the mysterious craft.

At least that’s what the UFO report suggests.  And if true, it indicates several things.  If the rocket landed on top of the UFO, then this implies some level of error on the part of either the craft itself or its occupants.  An object which was intending to be obfuscated and yet low to the ground could likely navigate to avoid these rockets given the slow speed they have when they begin to fall.  Second, it suggests that though invisible, the craft was not incorporeal while “cloaked” and could be effected by its environment.  Furthermore, it raises the question why would it find the need to de-cloak itself after making contact with the object.  The whole thing, if true, seems almost as though it were staged for the witnesses.  The chances of this happening by chance are incalculable depending on the density of cloaked craft in the area.  It seems almost as if it were purposefully putting on a dramatic spectacle to achieve some unknown end.  MUFON may be investigating the case at some point in the near future, and as the saying goes an incredible claim requires an incredible amount of evidence.  Still, as it stands this is one story that contains several elements that are the hallmark of a memorable UFO report.