Hopkinsville’s Lesser Known Coincidences

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A gun battle between farmers in Hopkinsville Kentucky and an unknown group of creatures all witnesses involved believed to be aliens is certainly big news.  Newspapers sold from coast to coast across the United States soon were relating the details of the harrowing encounter.  And since that time the details of that story have been shared by many collectors of memorable paranormal trivia and history.  But there are details of the Hopkinsville Encounter that often slip through the cracks that only compound how incredible it truly was.

The Hopkinsville encounter took place on a secluded rural farm belonging to the Sutton family as their friends the Calloways were visiting.  It was an evening they were all supposed to remember fondly for years to come.  But as sunset fell on August 21st, 1955 William Taylor caught sight of something streaking through the sky that would open the events of what would be a terrifying night.  The family was visited in the flesh by several beings with peculiar and unique features in the UFO field.  They were not the typical greys or other aliens largely considered canon in more prominent cases.  Instead these were strange goblin-like creatures with large ears and strange faces.  As the families opened fire with shotguns trained on the creatures they found that they were somehow immune to bullets.  As the night progressed the creatures would descend on the house and appear in windows and look in at witnesses before either disappearing or being shot and rolling away.  During a lull the families piled into their vehicles and escaped to inform the police.

The strange part comes as the investigators attempted to look into the matter.  Contrary to popular belief, the Sutton and Calloway families were only two of several who witnessed strange things that night.  As the night progressed in the countryside several witnesses reported seeing strange lights in the sky and seeing mysterious creatures stalking the edge of the forest.  None felt it necessary to approach the police until they heard gunfire and suspected the creatures may be hostile.

Additionally, though the creatures described in this now famous case have not been encountered often, one week before the Hopkinsville incident several witnesses noted one of the creatures matching the description grabbing Mrs. Darwin Johnson as she was swimming with friends.  Johnson escaped the encounter, but the other witnesses noted a mysterious formation of objects hovering overhead as they made their escape from the area.  The strangest part may be that though Darwin and her friends informed numerous people about the encounter it was not picked up by any major media.  And though the creatures described looked exactly like those described in the prominent encounter a week later and a state away, it is not suspected that the story could have traveled so far in such a short period of time.  Particularly when many were discounting Darwin’s story.  They would, however, revisit her claim after the famous Hopkinsville incident and give her some level of vindication.