How Many Abductees Are There?

While the world may seem like a fairly normal and mundane place for the majority of the time, to the abductee it is often a terrifying place where at any moment events beyond their control could come about and take them away.  The narrative many abductees describe is at once strange and terrifying.  And according to a survey by the Roper Organization, this terrifying prospect may be a reality for tens of millions in America.

Roughly one in 50 people surveyed showed signs indicative of alien abduction according to a study performed in 1992 of the phenomenon.  As the study processed some three thousand individuals and asked them various questions regarding their experiences either they got a hold of an incredibly unlikely statistical anomaly or could demonstrate that the experiences were happening on a daily basis to millions of Americans.  Though some other studies have come up with similar statistics worldwide, the official nature of this investigation was likely the most troubling aspect of it when it came out.

If so many millions are experiencing alien abduction, then what group does it fall into?  Initially there was no correlation between alien contact experiences and any specific demographic.  The phenomenon seemed to cross cultural barriers and affect people of all economic backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds, and religions.  But if this is the case, can we really make the case that it’s simple fancy?  The only correlating statistical difference between the subgroup abductees and other people was a propensity to score higher in psychic tests than others.  If the studies revealing this fact are truly accurate, then is it possible they are the X factor toward identifying an alien agenda?

Many have claimed to have discovered conclusively what the alien agenda is, and often profit considerably from their revelations.  And yet often they argue amongst themselves, each independently giving the impression that while most of these for profit contactees are wrong, their version is the correct one.  The one thing they can mostly agree on is that mot of them are mistaken, misled, or simply making it up.  There are exceptions, but this makes it necessary that we do an independent study that doesn’t depend on the promises of alien abductees who sometimes rise to the status of cult icons.

First, if there were evidence that abductees have a higher propensity for psychic ability we must ask if this is a cause or a result of their abduction experiences.  If, as many abduction tales relate, there is a clandestine human alien hybrid breeding program going on then there could it have something to do with this psychic ability?  If they are able to communicate between themselves and with abductees telepathically is it possible the human race isn’t the first they have experimented with?  Perhaps the current generation of alien captors is actually the result of centuries of genetic modification and fusion resulting in increased psychic ability.  Of course this is just one of millions of proposed theories, some more convincing than others.