How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction


Someone has written a book on how we can defend ourselves when aliens are trying to abduct us for the purposes of getting us in their ship for onboard examinations and who knows what else.  From the looks of things lately, it appears that perhaps this has come just in time.

More and more, people are reporting that they have been abducted by aliens.  In America there are more reports of abductions by space aliens than there are of abductions by illegal aliens.

In 1988 Ann Druffel, who has researched UFOs for 40 years made a fascinating discovery.  Some people it seems have successfully fended off attack by the short, gray, big-eyed aliens so familiar to us in our popular culture.

Ms. Druffel has isolated 9 techniques that can be used to ward off alien entities and possibly deter abductions in progress.  Her methodologies include such actions as:

Blocking their mind control

Understanding the correct way to fight back

Summoning your inviolate rights

Guarding your loved ones

Seeking strength in numbers

Learning how to sense them coming

Creating a personal shield

Appeals to spiritual beings from on high

Use of effective repellents


“How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction” is perhaps the only book on the subject and worth a look for those who truly concern themselves with alien abduction.  Worthy of consideration this book may provide comfort to many, but an alternative viewpoint exists as to what alien abductions really are.

Alien Abduction An Alternative View

There are those who believe that alien abductions are totally real, but altogether different from we think they are.  To understand this we need to acquire an appreciation of “energy beings”.  Some experts contend that alien abductions are in reality episodes of reality distortion that occur when certain malevelent forms of energy exercise mind control over us ordinary people in order to get us to THINK that we are being abducted by creatures from outer space when in reality nothing of the sort is happening.  It is a lot like a really bad dream that seems to us the dreamer – a real life experience.  The difference is that this dream-like episode has been created by and is controlled by an outside entity.  This entity or energy being is able to create this simulation of a real-life experience by accessing our thoughts, fears, emotions and past memories of aliens and other monsters that we learned of by watching movies and by reading sci-fi books and magazines.

So what are these “energy beings”?  What kind of creature are we dealing with?  Energy beings or “energy vampires” to some are dense energy forms.  They are a form of conscious intelligence like humans but without physical bodies.  They exist on a higher plane of consciousness. They “live” on a higher vibratory level.  They are made of pure energy, something like a magnetic field.  Since they are not made of matter as we know it, they can interact with us but not in the sense that we interact with other people.  They cannot touch us and they cannot hurt us unless we let them.  Since you cannot physically touch them they cannot really cause any harm, but they can make you THINK that they can!  To do this they intercept your stream of thoughts and create a distorted reality for you, very dream like and regarded by you as real.  They cause you to think that they are space aliens or anything else that you may fear most and cause you to do yourself what they want done.  Whatever happens to you, you are left believing that it was the aliens that abducted you.

The Islamic religion has producted considerable material on the subject of energy beings.  An examination of this material can give us a good idea just what they are.  According to Islam they seem to “run” nature. They have free will. They can change shape and trick humans. They are neither good nor bad but they allow us to believe what we feel we need to believe from the experience they conjure up.

Apparently, and for whatever reason they employ their powers over us by designing their episodes to match up with what the most current human obsession is at them time – aliens, and especially alien abductions.  Unwittingly, our own thoughts help these creatures form the surroundings. You expect a ship so your thoughts, energized by fear, construct the surroundings.  The ship with its technologically advanced interior, the examination rooms and its instruments, weapons, anything.  The creatures need only have to “look like” gray aliens then your mind does the rest!  They are good at it for they have lived “here” sharing with us this universe for untold centuries.

If what we are learning about these entities is true then perhaps the information contained in the above book particularly relating to defending against mind control might just be exactly what the doctor ordered.