How to Keep Your UFO Footage Safe from a Coverup

It’s a story almost as old as UFO footage itself.  A witness takes some excellent pictures or footage and then suddenly when the moment of revelation comes, they find that their tape has been completely blanked or lost.  But how does this happen?  And who might be behind it?  While we may never know just who is behind any given UFO cover-up, or even if there is one, from studying the stories of others there are some very distinct points where the footage “disappears.”

With the UFO phenomenon becoming more mainstream as each day goes by, and UFO footage still being considered one of the most important types of evidence the average witness will be able to gather, it’s important to not only take good footage but also make sure it stays safe before it can be shared with others.  In a world where video can be transcribed into a digital format this becomes a lot easier.  But there are still some points that might be important to pay extra attention to.

First, keep in mind the footage is of an unidentified flying object.  Before you make any commitment to something more than that (whether it be extraterrestrial or otherwise supernatural) try to keep in mind your footage alone will be taken out of context in our byte sized world of sound clips and snippets of information.  Collecting additional footage of the area could help put the incident in context.

If you’ve got a videotape and you want something to do with it, there are a few UFO organizations out there with the intention of helping witnesses share their experiences.  One of the most trusted and popular among these is the Mutual UFO Network.  Those working at MUFON are responsible for bringing us the UFO tracking database and many of their experienced investigators have personally looked into hundreds of cases.  They are, in a field where UFOs may be in the midst of a massive cover-up, some of the most well renowned investigative associations on the subject.

But other experts exist as well.  And if you wish to get the truth out there, you may consider approaching any number of private news organizations.  If they aren’t receptive to your footage, don’t worry – there are still others.  But local news stations often have older digital conversion devices around that can turn virtually any footage into something reliable.

But the most important thing is to make at least one copy of your video before sending it off.  The moment when footage is commonly lost is when the witnesses either leave it at home unattended or hand it to someone else.  By keeping your video in sight at all times you can rest assured no one will be robbing you of your opportunity to tell your story.  Make a copy and distribute that rather than the original.  And if you are particularly concerned about losing a key piece of evidence that could change the world, make another copy and give it to a well known friend who you can trust.  Three copies would be that much more difficult to cover-up.