Humming UFO Spotted in Louisiana

Two Denham spring, Louisiana witnesses out enjoying crisp midnight air when they hear something that they could not explain. at the clock approached midnight the sound was like a whirring and so elicited both to ask what the object was.

It held an altitude of approximately 30-40 feet and could be seen in the distance over the trees.  The shape of the object consisted of three bands of light and was of comparable size to a civilian helicopter, but unlike a civilian helicopter was giving off a significantly different sound and was able to move much faster.

As they continued to watch, they realized that the object with the three bands was roughly an egg shape and it hovered fairly close to them before disappearing with incredible speed five seconds later.  Though the sitting only lasted a few seconds, it certainly left quite an impression on both witnesses who say it’s been very difficult to understand what they could have possibly seen.  In addition to moving at an incredible speed the object did appear to stretch its own shape shortly before disappearing tho it’s unclear if this was due to incredible acceleration or some malleable property of the object itself.  Needless to say this will stay with the witnesses for quite some time.

Perhaps related to the sighting is a report submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) from Texas, in the Lake Jackson Area.  One witness upon driving home from the store noticed a mysterious craft in the northern sky only a few days later.  The object gave off a brilliant light making it only visible while the witness wore sunglasses.  The approximate size in this sighting was significantly larger being approximately the size of several 737s.  At the time, weather conditions had clear skies making the witness who was experienced with tracking aircraft due to his naval background.  So there’s no chance he could have mistaken naturally occurring phenomena with an unexplainable craft.  It’s not usual for mysterious craft to make an appearance in or around Texas, but it is unusual to see a craft of such an incredible size and have only one witness report it.  If it did happen near a military base then several witnesses would have been hesitant to report such a sighting.

What are these strange objects that make appearances to unexpectedly and force witnesses to contend with laws of nature that perhaps are beyond our understanding?  Where do they come from?  What do they want?  And will sightings of UFOs be anything more than simply unexplainable?