Hundreds Gaze in Wonder at Russian UFO

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Vladivostok is one of Russia’s largest cities resting on the coast of the Golden Horn Bay.  Amidst the glittering sea of lights that make up the city limits there are often reported mystery lights hovering and floating through the atmosphere over the populace.  While the incidents are often discovered to simply be naturally occurring phenomena, still more remain mysteries for years afterward.  And the objects seen over Vladivostok on September 14 are among some of the strangest.  And yet this incredible aerial light display was witnessed by hundreds.

When hundreds of people on the ground look up and see a mystery object hovering over the city there is no doubt that it was not a simple hallucination.  So many people were in attendance at this mysterious concert among the stars that there was no way for the news to hit them all before the object was gone.  The object was seen as a cluster of four lights that remained in formation until one of them suddenly broke formation and floated off into the sky.  The unknown objects didn’t exhibit an unusual capacity for impossible flight maneuvers, but there is quite a history surrounding the area and its relation to unidentified flying objects and abductions.

But skeptics are suggesting the possibility of a hot air balloon hoax.  Chinese lanterns, commonly used during weddings and New Years have been blamed for more and more UFO reports as they increase in popularity.  Is the UFO hoax an accidental one perpetrated by people on the ground wishing to perform a simple aerial light display?  The official instructions for Chinese Lanterns suggest they shouldn’t be used near buildings or populated areas as there’s a risk of fire, but of course this wouldn’t stop many from lighting them up and setting them off to cause controversy and inspire mystery.

Images of the UFO spotted over Russia make the case either way.  Were they lanterns or something more making their way through the city under the cover of darkness?  With the controversy heating up, it may be a good idea to take a look at previous cases involving UFOs created from Chinese lanterns and other similar materials.

For example, on July 4th a few of the reported fireball sightings in the sky turned out to be moving in ways very similar to Chinese lanterns.  While not all of them were so slow in their movements, a number of the lanterns were released that night in order to celebrate the holiday and possibly cause a bit of a UFO scare.  Additionally, on New Year’s Eve several witnesses reported seeing similar objects of orange fireball color hovering above major cities.  Some suggested it was a sign of coming disclosure while others suggested it was merely a side effect of the celebrations.

Were these objects seen over Vladivostok of a similar nature?  Or were they alien in origin?  The final word has to come from the viewer until more evidence comes forward to assist in their deliberation.  And keep in mind that Vladivostok is a very prominent place for UFO sightings of all sorts.