I, Adrian: One Politician’s Plea for Disclosure

When a man like Adrian Hicks claims he’s seen an alien wearing a tutu walking down the street, many in the media will jump at the opportunity and have a field day ridiculing the man.  No one will argue that the concept seems strange, even humorous.  Still, we must remember that at great risk to his political career, a man is demanding answers for something he believes in.  Are we to simply laugh it off when he stands so much to lose?

“[Majestic] started small but is now colossal, its dilemma is when to formally announce that extra terrestrial contact has been established,” so said Mr. Hicks in his almost half hour long address posted to the internet entitled ‘Judgment and Democracy.’  In the address, Mr. Hicks speaks on the integration of extraterrestrials into society, and the actions of the intelligence community in regards to alien life.  He says that while Roswell was one of the first incidence of an otherworldly craft crashing on earth, it was certainly not the last.  He then goes on to say that not only are aliens here among us, but they are intimately involved in the process of mankind’s progression of technological achievement.  He gives a sincere call to action that people act to demand full disclosure.  In addition, he laments the fact that he, a city counselor has learned of this secret world behind government even as the rest of the world has been lied to.  “I, Adrian Hicks am speaking on your behalf, for it is my belief that some important information has been withheld from the oldest Democracy of the world.”

Though the subject matter is to some questionable, the speech is written articulately and delivered without any indication that the man giving it is anything other than a perfectly rational, sane individual.  It is with this in mind that some are giving this man and his claims a second look.  If this were simply a gag to attempt to gain the popular vote in the upcoming election in 2010, it would be certainly an interesting one.  Adrian formally states not only that he saw an alien, but if this story were a fabrication it would be the most out of touch fabrication of all time.  He doesn’t declare a faux war for the cameras on sinister shadowy figures in the upper echelons of government.  To the contrary, he says he has the utmost respect for these figures for their ability to keep such a secret from the entire human population.  If this were an attempt to gain the sympathy vote from the Ufologist community in his home town of Hampshire, it seems even the UFO community until Mr. Hicks’ speech were keeping their distance from this man.  If it was a hallucination, it was quite an anomalous hallucination around which Mr. Hicks has spent quite an amount of his personal time on.  If it is true, the implications are even more incredible.  Regardless, this story will most certainly prove to be an interesting one.  Mr. Hicks’ call for disclosure is precisely what many are saying the government international, federal and local, requires.