I Dough-n’t Believe it! Alien Body Made of Bread

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The shocking video of a dead alien body discovered in Russia has been big news this week and now the two hoaxers claiming it to be real have come forward with just how they pulled it off.  And the icing on the cake on this case is the alien constructed wasn’t made using any of the normal means, but rather several loaves of carefully molded bread.  If this case started out weird, it just reached a whole new level of strangeness.

The story sounds even stranger when all laid out into a single sentence.  Two hoaxers from Russia wowed the Youtube community and the world with their hoax alien they made out of bread and partially buried in the snow.  And the UFO community, already used to being battered by hoaxers has reacted by stating they don’t know just how to take this incredibly strange and perhaps enviably creative hoax.

But if you’re feeling a bit bad over being duped by this one, it may be some small comfort that it wasn’t only the UFO community that was intrigued by the pair’s mysterious “discovery” which they baked up out of homemade bread.  And if the texture and coloring of the skin caught your eye as looking unnaturally biological that’s because it was a layer of chicken skin that the pair of teens had taken from a chicken and used to cover the body.

Timur Hilall and Kirill Vlasov may have thought their video would inspire a few interesting mentions in paranormal circles – they were right – but they perhaps didn’t intend for it to gain the attention of the Kremlin who decided it was worth looking into and followed the figurative trail of breadcrumbs back to the pair.  When the police arrived, they knew the jig was up and showed them the still oven fresh alien they had constructed – although by that time it had no doubt gone a bit stale.

Of course there’s still the matter of that other alien discovered and uploaded to Youtube, though the second was certainly less convincing – and probably more carefully constructed than the aforementioned one.  And while there may be one certain moral to this story, there are actually several others orbiting it.  Foremost, if you’re uploading a hoax you have constructed of an alien body be sure you’re not going to attract the attention of the Kremline or any other agency that might be interested in alien bodies dropping out of the sky.  Of course there’s also the lesson to the viewer.  No matter how compelling or interesting something may be, there’s always the chance it’s made out of materials you would have never expected.

And the final note is that there are several who are declaring the hoax story itself a hoax.  They suggest the mock-up could have been constructed after the fact once the video of the real body gained too much attention.  While it’s tempting to suggest the Russian military could be behind such a bizarre cover-up it’s not a very compelling explanation.  And while we may one day see a real video of a discovered alien body, this one has been officially declared a hoax.  Before we end the saga of the most disturbing loaf of bread ever baked, let’s take one look at the video.