If You Meet an Alien, Here’s What to Ask

When looking at the subject of UFOs the idea of “the truth” is often raised as it is said in the phrase “the truth is out there” made popular by the critically acclaimed series the X-Files.  But even though we can all agree that regardless of what the truth is, it indeed is somewhere, what questions is the truth answering?  The following are quite possibly the most important questions regarding extraterrestrials.  Should you find yourself in the position of encountering a being from another world, keep these in mind or on hand.

Are you real?  Obviously, if you’re asking this question to an extraterrestrial entity it is answered by that being’s presence alone.  Yet with the subject of aliens and UFOs all too often being relegated to the realm of distant lights in the sky or mysterious craft buzzing witnesses.  While it would have an obvious answer in this scenario, it’s still strikingly the biggest question many people face today on the matter.

Why are you here?  The next most important thing to consider would be the intentions of this group of creatures.  If they were descending on Earth with incredible technology, we should obviously take into consideration what they’re after.  And even if they do give us a straight answer, many will still find it prudent to watch their actions to see if they line up with these alleged intentions.

Where are you from?  Abductees have reported asking this question of their captors and the answer varies, but a common response evading the question goes something like, “You can’t grasp the complexity of star systems and travel so you wouldn’t be able to understand even if I told you.”  A better way to word it would be to ask what life was like on their home world.

Do you have fiction on your planet?  The idea of theoretical storytelling is something that anthropologists always study in new cultures.  And with good reason.  The stories told on other planets tells more of the creatures involved than almost anything else.

Is there any quality that all or most other alien races possess that we lack?  Are we more emotional than the average space-faring race?  Are we truly more warlike?  Aside from our technological differences, are humans integrally different in some fundamental way?

The internal combustion engine, electricity, and the integrated circuit are three examples of inventions that change the world and spawn even more incredible inventions.  If you cannot give us your technology for obvious reasons, could you make a suggestion on where we should focus our research to solve the most pressing problems of our current world?  This question is a bit more complex, but may by chance provide important breakthroughs for technology.

Why all the secrecy?  It may be as simple as being worried about mass hysteria or a system of nonintervention.  Of course if the latter is the case, it may be worthwhile pointing out that aliens are already a part of culture.

Are there others not like you?  If humanity were the only intelligent life in the universe that would be incredible, but if there was only one other intelligent race, this would actually be even more incredible.  The idea that such an unlikely event could happen twice but never again would suggest an incalculably unlikely universe.  So if there were other intelligent alien races, what would they be like?  The way the creatures described these races could not only tell you about other planets, but also about the creatures you’re dealing with.