Impossible Light Deplicts Possible UFO’s

It was a few years ago, I was in grade 10 and me and 3 friends went over to the school at night to smoke a cigarette. The layout of the area was this: the public school, then a field of 3 soccer fields then a wooded area used for cross country ( the wooded area was very uneven some areas going 70 feet down below regualr ground level) at first what seemed to be a meteor shower started a growing number of small lights like stars filled the sky, over the period of about 20 mins there where maybe about 100 of them. We dismissed then as metoers till they started to get lower ont he horizon ( NOT bigger) and some began to move in sharp angles and then stop and so on. This is NOT the most interesting part though. In the wooded area mentioned at a distance i would appriximate at 1/2 of a mile from us in the the trees was a LARGE bright bright red perfecting round light. and it slowly moved at level across the wooded area, first i thought , maybe somehow a tractor, but there was not fields in that area, and since the terrain was so varied in elevation there is no was it could slowly sweep across on level. Its flight path was like we were the fulcrum, and it was a certain distance away rotating about that point. Pictures will better explain. Anyways at this point we had no explaination and to be honest we all got scared as hell and ran. It is as clear in my mind as the day it happened. sorry for the rough images I do not beleive it to be aliens, just something we do not have an explaination for. I’ve never looked at a UFO site before so this is a first, anyone ever have similar experiences? [email protected]