Impulse From Beyond the Stars

Prior to UFO sightings, many witnesses report feeling an unexplainable sudden urge to go outside and look at the sky.  And upon doing so they often witness incredible events that will have a very strong effect on their reactions to the UFO phenomenon.  And with so many reports of the October 13th sightings beginning this way, it may be time to take another look at this sudden inspiration to watch the skies and what it means for all of us.

“I was just sitting at my desk at work when suddenly out of nowhere I stopped reading the reports I had been handed and just sat there wondering to myself why I had stopped so suddenly.  Looking inward for inspiration I suddenly got up and decided to take a break outside at that moment.  Going out onto the balcony I got a strong feeling that I should look at the sky.  That’s when I saw the UFO.”  So goes a typical UFO sighting report.  What makes so many people suddenly decide to do something so out of the ordinary?  The sudden inspiration seems to strike any number of individuals, and upon answering this unexplainable call to action they are more often than not shown mysterious aerial phenomena unlike anything they thought possible.  Is there some psychological element to the UFO phenomenon that makes people suddenly look to the skies?  Or is it, as so many believe, a message from the objects themselves?

It’s certainly not unusual to hear about “psychic messages” from UFOs hovering either invisibly or in plain view over witnesses, but more often than not these messages are not reported if not accompanied by an actual sighting.  The words, “If I hadn’t looked up right then I would have missed it,” are certainly not strange among strange reports of flying discs or cigar shaped objects.

What can we draw from the fact that so many people explain a psychic element to these sightings?  For one thing, a study conducted in 1963 by Dr. Leo Sprinkle suggested there could be a connection between contact with unidentified flying objects and the psychic phenomena many witnesses reportedly claimed.  The study could suggest that those who experience one type of phenomenon could also experience another, or it could suggest a psychological connection between the two.  As usual the result is divided down the middle with skeptics siding with the latter while believers suggest the former.  But where does this leave those interested but undecided?

As is so often the case with UFOs, the answer remains elusive as ever.  And yet it seems when this sudden urge to stop what you’re doing and look at the stars comes along, it might be a good idea to listen anyway.  You never know what stories you’ll get to tell later.  And who knows?  Maybe listening to that inner tuition will make someone on the fence a believer or even confirm the suspicions of someone who has yet to see UFOs in action.