Incredible Floating City Observed

A witness has come forward telling an incredible tale of something they are at a loss to explain that was witnessed 23 years ago.  The incredible sight they describe would be incredibly difficult to describe by anyone’s standards.  The following incident was recorded in Celina Tennessee, in 1987.

The account began when the witness was out visiting his mothers’ friend and walked outside and saw an object that shattered his view of the simplified and mundane world entirely.  As he stared, his friends and several adults walked up to observe the object as well as it hovered above a field outside of town.  Its size was comparable to an Aircraft carrier, approximately 1,000 feet in diameter and 30 stories tall.  The witness and his friends and family were heading home to get ice-cream made with an electric ice-cream machine, but what they found on the way would have been a treat for most UFOlogists and a horror for anyone wishing to live a simple life away from the possibilities of alien interaction.

As the boy stood there, his mother came out onto the porch as he watched the object.  It hovered completely without sound, emitting a plethora of lights from windows stretching across its entire frame like a glittering skyscraper at night.  According to the witness the lights were dazzling.  While he couldn’t see into the windows, he does recall comparing it in his mind to a floating city skyscraper.  As time wore on, and he was just glued to the spot, he soon came to realize his mother was yelling from the porch for him to come inside.  He obeyed as soon as he realized he had been standing there staring at the incredible object for fifteen minutes.  As he looked back at the object he realized it made no sound whatsoever, but rather hovered suspended as if by magic.  The cubic object continued to float on at a slow pace that seemed to observers on the ground to be somewhere between one and five miles per hour.

In retrospect, the witness recalls looking at the object and realizing it was close enough that he may have been able to throw a baseball at it, but didn’t do so for fear of some kind of retaliation from the object.  It could not, according to him, have been more than 150 feet above their heads.  The object seemed to be suspended in air rather than using some sort of rocket propulsion system.  It was incredibly life-changing to the witnesses, but they continued to try to go about their normal lives and the boy’s mother kept making ice cream.

But as they realized the ice cream needed salt, they drove a couple miles south to a convenience store and once again saw the object floating high above the baseball fields where a number of motorists had stopped to watch its progress.  The local newspaper, according to the witness, did a piece on it but that verification has not been found.  The witness also went on to say that they had  never since witnessed anything more incredible in the sky after that day than a simple shooting star.