Incredible Story of Alien Contact in Arizona

 An incredible story has come out of Arizona in which several witnesses believe they made contact with a large group of alien creatures.  If the story is true, it easily stands ahead as one of the most incredible stories of its kind in the past ten years.  It seems typical today, but holds many of the hallmarks of a classic tale of alien interaction by witnesses.  But is there any way to know if it’s true?  Witnesses claim the whole thing was caught on videotape.

It all began as a group of friends were driving down a stretch of highway near the Palo Verde nuclear plant were searching for UFOs with a video camera when suddenly they say a massive light in the distance caught their attention hovering over the road.  As they approached they realized the light was attached to a massive triangular craft above the road with windows all along the side and several lights around it.  The windows for the most part were blackened, but as they watched some of the windows became suddenly transparent and within they could observe alien beings standing and looking down at them.  When judging the height of the beings based on the distance and size of the windows, they estimated some of the creatures were no less than 9′ tall.  These creatures were standing staring out at them as they stopped their vehicles and one witness sat in the car videotaping the whole event.  The witness holding the video camera got out of his vehicle along with another and approached the craft as a platform lowered down and several tall beings walked out toward them.

Suddenly, as the creatures approached the two who were standing outside of their cars, one of the observers left behind started to scream as a tall thin pale creature with large black eyes held out its hand and touched it to one of those standing.  The four human witnesses and this mysterious entity communicated telepathically for approximately fifteen minutes according to the report they submitted to MUFON.  Included in the conversation were the aliens’ declaration of peaceful contact with the four of them and that they would come to no harm.  Almost instantly all four felt relaxed as this claim came to them.  It also spoke to them of global warming, and claimed that in the near future a massive disaster would hit the world.  The witnesses were disturbed by the revelations, but soon after the creatures returned to their vessel and it hovered away.  Almost as soon as the vessel left several helicopters and SUVs appeared and the witnesses were harassed by men in dark suits who told them not to reveal their story to anyone.  The video camera was confiscated, and one witness was taken by these mysterious men.  During this time he remembered that he had experienced something similar to this when he was young.  He was eventually left at a nearby restaurant near Eldorado Hot Springs.

If the July 1st, 2009 event depicted in the report submitted to MUFON has any truth to it, then it must be one of the most incredible of its kind in recent history.  Of course with the loss of video proof it’s hard to tell.