Incredible UFO Footage Over Bogota

An incredible video of a strange series of lights appearing over a parade in Bogota Columbia has some experts speculating that we may be in the midst of the often cited “escalation” that was predicted for the year 2011 by UFO researchers and a few who claim contact directly with beings from other worlds.  And as far as evidence goes, this latest footage is likely to create quite a few waves, surpassing the Jerusalem UFO video in its believability and proving more than a little shocking to some viewers.

The video, uploaded to Youtube on March 26th, 2011 is making a few waves and leaving viewers with more questions than answers.  It shows three lights hovering above a parade near Plaza de Bolivar in Bogota, Colombia completely stationary.  As the footage continues, you can see passersby in the crowd passing in front of the bright lights and for the most part ignoring it.  If one were watching it out of context for these first few seconds, they may think it was footage of a tower equipped with spotlights of some other similar object of conventional terrestrial origin.  But soon as the video continues, the objects suddenly break off and move over a nearby building in the plaza with its three lights blinking before finally disappearing entirely.

Information surrounding the video is limited, but a similar video was uploaded the same night depicting three distant lights above Bogota surrounding a wide area of land.  But unlike the other video, the second one does not depict them suddenly turning and leaving, instead showing the lights only hovering low over the city and gradually disappearing.  That the two incidents might be related seems too much for a simple coincidence.  But what is it really?

There are several possibilities.  First, it could be nothing more than a simple trick of the light – at least in the second video.  The first video being a natural trick of light seems exceedingly unlikely, however.  With the intelligent way the craft seems to move from a completely stationary position to flying off over the city before disappearing, it seems this one is conclusively being controlled by intelligent hands.  And while the UFO footage is likely not the kind we’re used to seeing for how dramatic it is, it is also not clear just how many incidents are being depicted.  And the mystery surrounding the footage gives rise to the possibility of a second scenario.  Could it be a hoax?

Improvements in computer graphics have made hoaxes more difficult in some ways to determine, but still fairly easy in others.  The objects seen on film can often be synced with a camera almost flawlessly.  But in that almost is the key that most experts can find to determine if a flying saucer is the real deal or not.

So is that the case with this latest sighting in Bogota?  Only time and extensive analysis will tell.