India May Announce The Truth About Aliens!

Last Updated on June 2, 2020 by

 Government of India Debating weather to reveal the UFO Truths

India has been a UFO Hotspot lately.  Reports have been emerging over the last few months about UFO sightings, and encounters throughout the citizens and government.  Even more importantly, India is kicking around the idea of releasing UFO information to the general public.

India Daily reports, All Nuclear Power possessing countries have been and are in contact with extraterrestrials currently. They are governed with treaties and rules of the Universe. It turns out, Nuclear weapons are frowned upon throughout the galaxy. Even by Aliens. Many top governmental heads in India’s governing structure know the hidden UFO/Alien information, but have remained to keep it a secret.

This news about the possible release of Alien Information is stirring up quite a commotion from other governments.  Many other Nuclear Powering bearing countries have already made the trip to India to join in a conference regarding this Life Altering decision.  Countries such as Russian’s Putin, Top US Officials, and more.

We are ever approaching the deadline of 2012.  For those not familiar with the occurances which are due t happen, it may be time to start researching.


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