Indiana Smoke Ring Gets Vindication

In 1975 a newspaper report came out detailing the mysterious events of an august 21st sighting had by one witness.  Though it was a highly interesting case to many, there was no follow up because no other witnesses came forward to vindicate it.  Now one Vietnam veteran has come forward to detail his point of view to corroborate this incredible story.

It all began when the witness John (some names shall be changed to protect the identities of the witnesses) was driving Eastbound on Interstate 40 and noticed a strange object hovering in a nearby field.  He was so amazed by the encounter that he actually got out of his vehicle and stood beside it watching the vaporous apparition hovering in the nearby field.  As he watched another car passing by also slowed down and stopped to track the strange object.

The second witness, Michael was driving with his girlfriend Rachel when he noticed John standing at the side of the road watching something in the field.  Having just returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam, Michael was ready for an extended normal vacation.  His vacation would, however, be interrupted as he wondered aloud what the witness could possibly be staring at.  As he pulled over to the side of the road, Rachel felt immediately uneasy and indicated they should keep moving.  Michael got out of the car and looked into the field where he saw a strange dark object hovering with a white vaporous cloudy mist around it.  As he watched, it hovered across the field almost like a smoke ring, but massive in size.

The smoke from the object appeared to be emitting from beneath it and rising up along the edges of the disk-like dark object almost as if the cloud was designed to hide the object.  It moved soundlessly, and traffic was so sparse that he stood in the road for several minutes watching it and never encountered another car.  Rachel, who was feeling overwhelmingly uneasy about the whole experience started screaming that they should leave, and soon Michael returned to the car, casting one more glance over his shoulder at the mysterious object and then continuing down the road.

John remained behind and watched for several more minutes, not even noticing that Michael had stopped his car behind him.  He did, however, report his sighting to local newspapers who ran a story in the paper, but until today no one had confirmed this often unsung mysterious sighting.

What could it have been?  It is feasible that the craft could have been a highly advanced blimp of some sort, or technologically superior crop duster made by a clandestine group.  Of course such a story seems almost laughable when put in context.  Could it have been an experimental aircraft?  Was the smoke around the craft merely serving to hide it, or was it actually emitting some form of chemical that would later influence the area.  The only unusual thing to happen after the incident was a “super outbreak” of tornadoes, but this was not localized to just the town of Brazil in Indiana.  No disease outbreaks were discovered afterward, and it appears the town of Brazil actually had an unusually high survival rate of the H1N1 virus afterward.