Information on Aliens

Well I’ve seen the forums recently, this person(I’m not going to mention who but you might have seen the stuff he’s written about my subject) I’m pretty sure that we do not have the capabilities for telepathic and/or psychic abilities yet. We weren’t one of their “subjects” 6.5 billion years of evolution isn’t considered “fast”. The only thing I saw that was correct on what the person was saying was that the grays are bad in the term that they want to harvest us, and the Hatchets are good in the term that they mean us no harm. Anyways off the topic the Grey’s come from a society in which they are all controlled, and by controlled I mean they are born in the matter of which their superior government shapes them to be, I don’t even think they are born anymore its sounds more like as if they were cloned now,anyways they are conceived in a tube where they are raised for about 3-9 months, their metabolic levels are amazing, they can reach adulthood in a matter of months due to the artificial evolution they perfected so much. Anyways in the tube they are brainwashed, updated, and raised to whatever their I don’t know, I’m presuming they have an elite government ruled by at least 10 people sort of like a senate I’m guessing. When they reached their peak (adulthood) they are taken out and there they perform a phsyical test and a mental test seeing how high their I.Q is which determines what kind of job they will do. Once this is all finished they preform their duties until they die their life expectancy can be from 60 years old to about 700 years old. They have also perfected genetic engineering so that they can determine the life expectancy to what height they have to feet shapes, anything. They are not buried they are recycled into food, they don’t waste anything, they don’t even commit crimes they are so advanced that they don’t even have a currency. These people are so intellectual they don’t litter,murder,anything. Well thats all I have for today I’ll be sure to send in another post next time.