Inland Shark Discovery Follows UFO Sightings

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The idea of discovering out of place animals is nothing new in itself, but after witnesses discovered a shark that had somehow made its way some 50 miles inland from the nearest body of water it may be worth noting that the area has seen an elevated level of UFO activity in the past few weeks.  New Hampshire is no stranger to unusual events, but this one just might be the strangest so far.  What could have carried a shark 50 miles inland and deposited it in the middle of the New Hampshire Woods?

The macabre discovery was made near Milton when residents came across the unusual smell of the decomposing shark.  After informing authorities, the shark was examined by local fish and wildlife authorities to determine if it was a threat to the local environment.  Deciding there was nothing overtly dangerous about the corpse and nothing unusual – aside from its peculiar location – it was left where it was found.  But when we look at the recent string of UFO sightings in the area the story takes a stranger turn.

There have been a number of UFO reports submitted to the Mutual UFO Network from the state with a large number of them taking place just South of Milton along the river along the border between New Hampshire and Maine.  A few are reports of earlier events, but at least one seems puzzling.  Not only does the report take place during the time frame that the shark was likely deposited, it reports a strange glowing object moving from the sea up to the Northwest.  The witness, who remains anonymous, never had any indication of the mysterious vessel’s strange cargo, but the two events seem too strange and too close together to be sheer coincidence.

Is it possible one of these objects collected a shark from the ocean and later deposited it in the woods further inland where it would not likely be discovered?  The official explanation from authorities is that a fisherman went out and caught the shark, took it ashore, and then drove for over an hour along the winding highways until he reached a secluded rural spot where he deposited the creature – and throughout the entire journey no one noticed the shark in their vehicle.  Additional considerations to take into account with this explanation include the intense amount of difficulty someone would have had while carrying a 6-8 foot shark deep into the woods without anyone noticing.  While the species of shark is undetermined, even the modest nurse shark weighs an estimated 270 lbs, and has a slippery skin that would make it difficult to carry.  No mention was made of any evidence of ropes or pulley systems that would have been required to get the creature into the woods.  Add on top of that the general rough terrain of off-trail woods and we have an even bigger mystery.

For years flying saucers have reportedly had an interest in the ocean, showing up around coastal regions more often than anywhere else in the world.  Some reports have even included accounts of the distant objects even pulling up water in their vessels, and even schools of fish.