Innacurate UFO Disclousre Prediction

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UFO Disclosure Prediction- As of 2009, this prediction has not yet come

Government To Soon Acknowledge ET Existence July 13, 1993 I anticipate that
your government will begin releasing bits of information about the existence of
extra-terrestrials by October or November of this year. They wish to do this on
a gradual basis until you get used to the idea. They are wanting to test the
public’s reactions. If they are favorable, they may move a little faster. They
are already trying to market the information now in very subtle ways. They will
accelerate this. They are selecting these times because of some major shifts in
the Earth’s energies that are beginning to occur. There is a high probability
that the Earth is going to expose one or two secret government and negative ET
underground bases with her changes. These will essentially be destroyed. Some in
your government are suspecting this may occur, so they want to prepare the
public for what they may “accidentally” see. Of course they will not
be telling a great deal of truth, but it will still mark the
“official” beginning of their acknowledgement of the ET existence.

You will not be told of the true extent of your government’s knowledge or
involvement. They will never tell you the complete story. You will be told
enough truth to help verify what the government is talking about. Except for the
havoc caused by the Earth changes, most of what is said will be fabricated
public relations campaigns. They have had most of these stories “worked
up” for some time. They will enlist the aid of some very patriotic
individuals who most of the public will very much identify with. It will be
someone with a good public image and even looked up to. This is part of their
packaging. Do not be taken in by personalities, but discern for yourself what is

Many people keep raising the questions about the real existence of ET’s, and
why the government has not stepped forward as many of us have suggested they
would. This will be their opportunity to “finally” believe, because
you know your Uncle Sam would not tell you a lie. Most of the people will
completely accept what you will be told. You may even be shown your first
official photographs by December or January, depending again on how accepting
the public is.

Your government is going to attempt to create fear in your minds, but in a
very subtle way. Overtly, they will say there is no cause for alarm and that
their contacts with them have all been peaceful. But they will market this in
such a way to leave doubts of fear in your mind by leaving big gaps in what is
being said, including the unspoken potential harm to all on the Earth.

Your scientific community will be invited to come forward and share in the
technologies. This will basically be a sham. There are considerable
“old” surplus technologies that can be used to pacify the scientific
element for a while. All the while these individuals will be subjected to
various mind control techniques to keep them under control and out of the way of
the real issues.

It is a well conceived and thought out plan between your government and the
negative ET’s. The only fly in the ointment may be what could be revealed to the
public as a result of the Earth changes. The government will have much
difficulty controlling the outgrowth of these situations. Since they are not
100% certain what Earth changes will happen, or even where they will happen,
they cannot be completely prepared for what the Earth will do.

We feel the Earth is going to be very forceful with her cleansing efforts in
some of the highly negative areas, both below the surface and above. Naturally
most of what is below the surface will be entombed there. But parts of this may
very well be exposed, if the right individuals just “happen” to be at
the right spot. There will also be massive sightings of the craft starting
around January 1994. There will no doubt be considerable sightings of the
negative ET crafts to coincide with some of the government releasals.

Most of the public will not be able to distinguish between the various types.
The negatives’ will capitalize on this. There will also be an increase in
abductions of the negative type. This will serve to keep a heightened level of
fear among those who become aware of these activities. The government will deny
these activities, though. For those who are currently skeptical and who will
remain close to the various activities and government denials, these should be
able to easily and “logically” see what the government is up to. Most
others will not. This is the most current information of this type we can offer.
I will advise you of any significant changes, or with new information as I feel
it is appropriate. I leave in love for each of you and for the One Infinite
Creator. Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command