Inside Roswell Crash Information Coming In!

Department of Defense
Defense General Supply Center
Railroad Marsheling Yard, This is where the Government and supply trains arrive at.
Central Intelligence Agence, National Security Agency men were aboard the train
Two boxcars – Government trains, gray in color
The Roswell UFO crash craft was delivered to the D.G.S.C on October 5th under heavy guard. The N.S.A and C.I.A were on this train.
The craft came from Wright Patterson A.F.B in Ohio
Craft: semi circular and damaged
Secret Cargo.
Manifest Papers: Wright Patterson A.F.B
My source was threatened on the night of this crafts arrival to NEVER speak of it.
Manifest List: Roswell,N.M to Wright Patterson, Ohio
The Secret Cargo was taken to D.G.S.C in warehouse 62 on what is known as the Bellwood D.G.S.C in Chesterfield County – 16 miles south of Richmond,VA.on Jefferson Davis highway – old #1 ( RT1)
It’s a Military Supply Center.
1982 this craft from Roswell was still at the D.G.S.C in an Underground vault warehouse behind three barbed wire gated patroled fences.
Alot of security for just a military surplus.
A whole team of army and air force scientist live,work and go in and out of warehouse 62 ay area 61.
The N.S.A doesn’t want this information to reach the public.
Document File Cover: Red, Secret stamped on it
Code #: Red Ball 666
Warehouse 62, Area 61
Underground complex: A.K.A, The Star Vault.
Roundhill,VA. close to Berryville
Fort Royal,VA. ( Front Royal )
Sub Basement – Astra – Zeneca complex in Wilmington Delaware and one in Fredericksberg,MD.
There will be more information coming soon concerning the Roswell,N.M UFO crashed craft as it comes to me. We need to get this information out to the public as soon as possible. My source is being threatened to forget about this information. With your help we can all finally get the Government to admitt that UFOs are real.
Please help get this out.