Inter-galactic attack

Aliens or space men and unidentified flying objects are exactly what come to mind when you even think about a possible inter galactic attack! The idea about our planet not being the only one in the universe that supports life is not new at all. People over centuries have toyed with the idea. The notion has been further fuelled with the recorded eye witness accounts of aliens or space men and unidentified flying objects, and with photographic evidence. There have been numerous such sightings documented in various parts of the world. These accounts have been highly debated upon and clash between science and rational thinking on one side and the simple Seeing is Believing concept on the other has always resulted in the victory of the former faction. However, just because it has not yet been proved or evidence of life on another planet or galaxy ahs not yet been established, it is not entirely a topic to be brushed aside as ‘rubbish’. Even the authorities at NASA are consistently probing into the universe beyond and that which envelopes us to find clues to our very existence.      

The concept of man and aliens or space men and unidentified flying objects being engaged in an inter-galactic attack has fascinated many a film maker and they have consistently catered to the imagination of the audiences worldwide. Popular movies like Star Wars and the famous tele-serial Star Trek have captivated audiences worldwide, not forgetting the very lovable ET or extra terrestrial. There are dedicated night sky watchers who scan the skies for any sort of evidence to support their belief. There are accounts on record by people who actually claim to have had fully loaded cameras with them when they met aliens. The resultant photos are fascinating superimposed images of more light than form and are always hazy and blurred. There are a number of online and offline sites and resources that are dedicated to the cause of making information on these spectacular visits available for people to read and enquire. The information on these sites is downloadable and so are the photographs. 

The business arena is not far behind in capitalizing on such thought. There are many games and toys manufactured on the ‘space’ theme and have warring aliens or space men and unidentified flying objects. The games are very popular with children and adults alike. Every new account told or shared, adds to the frenzy and finds some form or the other to be expressed. An inter-galactic attack is exactly what the box office hit Independence Day capitalized on. The fight for our planet ushers in a sense of belonging and in turn leads to awareness towards the changes that need to be implemented to bless the blue planet with longevity.   

Aliens or space men and unidentified flying objects will continue to liven up our debate halls and intrigue our intellects, even as they storm our markets. An inter-galactic attack is the last thing though on anyone’s mind and the best kept for entertainment, but who knows!