Interview with Stanton Friedman

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This is the final in the series of a number of Book of THoTH interviews with the speakers at the Symposium Conference 2006 . This being with Stanton Friedman. Questions by THoTH and Oddthings.

BoT : Welcome to the interview Mr. Friedman.

BoT : You are probably the foremost investigator of the UFO phenomenon. What started down that path? , i.e. the first influences and why that got you interested?

SF : I read the book “The Report on UFOs” by USAF Captain Ed Ruppelt in 1958, read another 15 books some of which were trash, discovered Blue Book Special Report 14 at U. of Calif., Berkeley, library.Joined APRO and NICAP, Met Frank Edwards. He sent his book “Flying Saucers Serious Business”….