Invasion of Orange Flying Egg Shaped Objects

Several reports submitted to the Mutual UFO Network have come up involving strange low flying egg shaped objects in recent days and hours.  The sightings all seem to involve a strange glowing red craft shaped roughly like an egg and moving with incredible speed as it maneuvers and wows witnesses.  What are these incredible craft?  And why are they appearing so suddenly and with such regularity?

The encounters were most recently reported just north of Kansas City and then just East of Topeka.  The first witness was reportedly out watching the sky when suddenly a low object suddenly shot over the treeline and buzzed past him.  As he looked up amazed, the object suddenly darted off into the distance and disappeared.  It was approximately 15 feet in diameter and estimated to be extremely low over the treetops.  This witness was incredibly interested in any information regarding his harrowing encounter.

The second witness, only six days later started his encounter when he decided to take his dog for a quick walk around the block.  As he walked out into the brisk cool October air he suddenly chanced a look up and spotted a mysterious floating object approximately ten feet in diameter shoot out from the treeline and hover past him.  As he watched, the object suddenly shot off in the opposite direction leaving him behind wondering what he had just seen.

The mysterious objects are fairly similar – although much lower than the objects seen previously during the fourth of July celebrations earlier this year.  The strange reddish objects were spotted darting about and showed no similarities to any known fireworks or conventional aircraft – often changing shape and performing maneuvers beyond any known Earthly capabilities.

On the 8th of this month another strange egg-shaped object was seen in Indiana.  That same night a separate witness in the vicinity would spot a mysterious being in his yard that looked to him exactly like one of the traditional grey aliens.  The being he described had silvery grey skin, a large head, and black almond shaped eyes.  While it may or may not be directly related to the other sightings, it seems quite coincidental that he would make his report two days and only a few miles from one of the sightings.

Some have suggested these objects could be nothing more than chinese lanterns set adrift, but these objects seem to have an unnatural mastery of the skies.  They have been seen descending to near ground level only to then shoot off into the skies at incredible speed.  Their ability to move against the wind and disappear only to reappear later do not seem indicative of a simple device utilizing the heat of a candle to set it adrift in the wind.  Instead, these objects display an uncanny intelligence and an ability to exceed human capabilities for flight as well as an unnerving proximity to other paranormal occurrences.

What is this new model of UFO now appearing at the forefront of this mysterious invasion of UFO sightings happening daily?