Iran: We Have Built a Flying Saucer

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An astounding claim from Iran comes out this week with the nation so often taking center stage with controversy suggests it may have actually developed flying saucer technology.  Claiming it has developed the first flying saucer, Iran is now the subject of scrutiny as the world waits both for vindication of these claims and the abilities behind the strange object.  The claims go so far as to suggest the craft has some incredible flight paths where normal air vehicles may not be able to go.

As confirmation of the claim of a flying saucer is still being studied, Iran’s claim of being the first to develop such a vehicle right off the bat is not necessarily true.  The Avrocar,  developed long before now was canceled in 1960, only two years after the first “proof” concept was designed.  It was capable of only hovering off the ground a few feet, and couldn’t hold hardly any cargo so it was considered largely a failure for practical purposes even if it had a great track record as an incredible novelty.

Will Iran’s vehicle prove to be the same?  Or is it more of a vertical takeoff drone style surveillance device?  The suggestion that it can fly around indoors suggests a much smaller vehicle than the Avrocar, but the announcement did not include any weapons systems.  The specifications given by the Iranian Aviation and Space Industries Association suggested that the surveillance drone could use both of its imaging systems to send images remotely and instantly.  In addition, the GPS system onboard would allow operators to know precisely where the devices are and coordinate better.  Essentially the two systems working in conjunction could give a real time window into the world around them.

The system, according to the report by the IASI could travel along a “track” or path programmed into it and guided by the GPS.  Of course this could also be interpreted as a vulnerability to hackers who may wish to use such a system to remotely hack into it.  Given the increase in the amount of hacking done lately against Iran, it is likely to be considered a weakness by Iranian security officials as well.

But there is another side to the claim as well.  There are several who claim the photo doesn’t look even remotely real, and who say the entire claim is simply out of this world.  While Iran does have the technology to create UAV’s, they may not be able to achieve the level of technology they are claiming here.  In 2020 many experts expect they will send a man into space.  But does that mean the IASI has managed to develop a saucer shaped craft?

And let’s not forget claims in 2009 that Iran had successfully engaged and then shot down a flying saucer.  If this were true, what bounty of knowledge would the Iranian government soon have at its disposal?  And what would it do with this knowledge?