Ireland Sighting to Change Witness’ Life Forever

A graphical artist from Cork City, Ireland reports spotting an object unlike anything he had ever seen before.  The witness was outside at approximately 11:15 in the evening on the night of August 30, 2010 when suddenly out of nowhere came something he says exhibited technology beyond what he was aware of.  The witness then included in his report to the Mutual UFO Network an image he had created of the event.

Though the sighting only lasted a few seconds to the witness, the impression it left on him will certainly follow him for some time.  He had just stepped outside into the brisk autumn air to smoke a cigarette when suddenly an object soared overhead that left him with a sense of awe.  It was roughly cylindrical in shape with two rings on either side of it of gold or amber color.  The area around the body of the craft itself was clearly black, but with what could have been an engine in the middle of the cylinder shape emitting what appeared to be a rainbow of colors.  The witness described this part as being similar to a pool of gasoline in the hot sun or the pattern one can see in a bubble as it rests on your hand.  And with only some three seconds for the witness to observe the craft, it zipped away into the distance.  Of additional note, the witness included in his report that the craft itself made a peculiar sound.  He noted that it seemed to almost exhale as it soared away, very similar sounding to a person exhaling.  And then it vanished.  Of course the witness does admit that the sound was so similar to a person exhaling that he almost thought it could have been himself.

Though he didn’t take any photographs, he did create a picture that shows the general shape and trajectory of the craft as it zips away.  He admits that even if he had been holding a camera as he saw this object pass overhead he would not have even thought to take a picture as he was so shocked to see it in the first place.  And as a final note he suggests that though it may be merely coincidence, his father later informed him that the power had gone out only thirty minutes prior.

One of the stranger elements of this story is the fact that the object itself seems very different from the normal saucer or triangular shaped craft commonly seen visiting witnesses or hovering enigmatically in the distance.  It certainly raises some questions about the origin of the craft.  If flying saucers were manufactured vehicles, would they all be manufactured in the same ways?  And would their blueprints look the same?  Some would say even the crafts themselves seem to shape-shift suggesting an even higher likelihood for variations.

But the most perplexing part of the report may have been the strange rings on either side of the craft.  What purpose could such objects serve?