Is Disclosure Further Away Now?

UFOlogists are always talking about the best times for disclosure of extraterrestrials visiting Earth.  But as we look at the events plaguing the planet each day, we can only begin to fathom when the worst time for disclosure might be.  But with interest in space exploration waning in the eyes of the public, we may be entering a period where UFO revelations would be far less likely than before.  While we can’t tell how long this might last, it does seem the average person would have a few difficult to answer questions in the spring and summer of 2011 about recent events.

If extraterrestrials were to make their presence on our planet suddenly known, the general public would immediately want to know what their intentions were and how they related to the human race.  And generally humans have developed over the course of several hundred years a philosophy that polarizes good and evil – and the paranormal is certainly no exception.  Good visitors would be required, therefore, to have intervened during major Earth events to help minimize the loss of human life and allow for a speedy recovery.  But the recent events at Japan and the ensuing tsunami may leave more than a few people asking a cautious race of extraterrestrials why they didn’t act to save lives during the event.  And even if they had somehow worked behind the scenes, many people would still be cautious around a race of aliens that still remained secret when their presence may have allowed them more freedom to help.

And of course this does raise an important question that would have to be addressed not only by humans on the planet, but also the visitors as well – if the UFO narrative as its commonly portrayed is true, why did so much suffering go on during the years since people first started observing alien craft in the skies?  What intervention could these visitors have rendered to the suffering of the human race, and what force made assistance not an option?

Of course there is the possibility that extraterrestrials did help us during a wayward visit and did so without any expectation of gratitude on their part.  Or perhaps there is a core philosophical reason why providing assistance would have been unacceptable to them.  But the idea of a highly intelligent and extraordinarily capable alien race visiting Earth with the best of intentions and then not acting during Japan’s Earthquake crisis and ensuing nuclear disaster may be difficult for the next generation of UFO skeptics.  Indeed, it may only serve as fuel to further alienate humans from a potential powerful ally.

And so as time heals all wounds, these same visitors may allow a waiting period to a more peaceful time when they finally come forward to give a bit more perspective on the vastly unpredictable nature of the universe.  And until that day we may end up having to live with this mystery a bit longer.  But it does suggest a more benign answer to the question of alien intervention.  Rather than being secretly hostile, alien visitors may just be waiting for the appropriate moment to show up.