Is Earth the reason for Alien attack?

Aliens are generally used to refer human beings coming from other places especially from other countries. But the usage of the term is not limited there. When trying to analyze the broader concept of the term ‘aliens’, understanding the meaning of the term is very important. The basic meaning of the word ‘Aliens’ in English language is ‘foreigners’. There are different rock bands and music troops with this name, but I think that is never worthy to be discussed under this heading – ‘aliens’.

The first thing that comes to the mind of man when he hears the term ‘aliens’ is those wonderful creatures that he had seen in books and fiction movies. They portrayed the living beings existed beyond earth. They had always attracted human beings in their appearance. It might be a mere creation that originated in the imaginative skills of different individuals. But still than it never had to face questions, as they were able to satisfy the curiosity of man about life outside earth.

The lack of solid evidences came to support these creators when critics questioned the existence of a life outside earth. Man always came with vacant hands whenever he went to the world outside the globe with an intention to find the life there. Existence of ‘aliens’ now or in ancient ages remains a mystery for Science as a whole, though everyone on astrobiology is after that even in the 21st century.

Another well-used concept of ‘aliens’ is in political scenario. It has a high legal value, as it is a reference to people coming to live in a country from another country. There are many rules to be obeyed when an individual is coming as an alien. This has even disturbed the political set up of many countries and the word ‘aliens’ captured the headings of newspapers several times.

Even animals and plants got the name ‘aliens’ when they moved out of their native place. This is of course not done by them intentionally, but happens as a result of human interference. They are pulled out of their habitat and forced to adapt in an environment, which is again ‘alien’ as far as they are concerned. The influence of such a transition is felt on the natives of that place also.

Many species became extinct and many are endangered due to this forced transfer of ecosystem. They find it difficult to live in the absence of predators and creatures that they had hunted for food. The lack of an appropriate climate is another factor. In their urge to fight for a life, they often pose threat for other living beings, thereby wiping them also from the face of the earth.

Another area where ‘aliens’ gained importance is in films. There has been a series of Hollywood movies that were released with ‘aliens’ as the theme of the film. When the mainstream movie discussed this subject with brilliant ideas, the audience enjoyed it and accepted with no further discussion. This gave a chance for several writers to create fantasy stories on the subject. They were successful in giving them physical structures according to the limits of their creativity.

Thus though the meaning of the word is the same, it carries different ideas in itself. But being the most widely used idea of a man from other country or a living being from other planet, it is the most popular among human beings. Still other areas are also relevant in the respective areas where they gain prominence.