Is Everything We Know About Area 51 Wrong?

The UFO phenomenon has many staples – points in history that serve as reference points that are almost universally understood to those studying the phenomenon.  But few are as well understood or as widely known as the shadowy and strictly off-limits Area-51.  Despite being top secret the facility is more widely referenced than almost any other single military base in the world.  And yet it is a place that the government has for years denied even exists – and few civilians have been admitted within its massive perimeter.  But a recent book suggests everything we know about the installation might be wrong.

Annie Jacobson has been working for years in an attempt to crack the shell of secrecy surrounding Area 51 and get to the reality of it.  And if her findings prove accurate, the truth in this case may be stranger than ever.  According to Jacobson the facility was a place where military planes were indeed reverse engineered, but from Soviet aircraft and not extraterrestrial ones.  As for the theory behind the alien bodies discovered amid the wreckage of an aircraft in Roswell, it appears they could have been humans – but humans surgically altered by someone to look like aliens to deceive the human race.

Believe it or not, it’s an idea that was picked up shortly after the Roswell Incident but decades ago by the hit sci-fi television show “The Outer Limits” in the 1960’s.  In the program as escalation between the world’s superpowers reaches a level out of control a team of scientists engineer a human to look like an alien and put him into an extraterrestrial looking spacecraft.  After he is sent up into his retrofitted spacecraft, the man-made creature crash lands on Earth and begins terrorizing his fellow Earthlings while looking like an alien.  The end goal is to create a threat common to all the peoples of the Earth and to give all the people of the world a common adversary.  The logic stands that then they will no longer consider one another enemies and will fight against this nonexistent or distant threat exclusively.  While this is the science fiction interpretation of the plan, the motivation behind surgically altering humans in this case is unknown.

But it is suspected to have been the Nazis as some witnesses have suggested – and at the top of the list of culprits is none other than Dr. Death Josef Mengele.  Mengele is known for his abuse of human ethics and his disregard for the safety of his victims.  If he had created the ship in order to fool the Americans, it may have been part 1 of a larger scheme.

But the scenario has a more troubling side to it as well.  If Mengele had been responsible for the deaths of so many, then the plan certainly isn’t off limits for ethical reasons.  But there’s another side to the Nazi conspiracy to convince the west aliens were invading.  If the craft involved was highly advanced and even capable of space travel as some have suggested, then it might lend some credence to the incredibly strange Nazi UFO theory.

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